Last week, I ran 1h24 in the rain… I still wonder why I did not stay warm and dry under the duvet, rather than going for a run in the rain .

But running in the rain is n’t the most dreaded thing for runners .

We often hear “I prefer to run in the rain than in the open air”, or “I prefer the rain to the wind or the cold”. I am also of these opinions.

But that day, it was raining AND it was cold. I was therefore equipped accordingly …

Running in the rain: prefer shorts to shorts

When it rains, you should avoid shorts , short or long, because these will store water and cool the muscle for the duration of the race. Prefer classic non-tight shorts, with which the thighs are more ventilated: the water does not stagnate, and will be better evacuated, especially if you have taken care to apply camphor oil (bought in pharmacies) on your legs beforehand. .

Running in the rain: short or long sleeves?

In training, to avoid catching cold, I advise you to wear, over a short-sleeved technical T-shirt, either a long-sleeved technical top like the Drylite by Mizuno or a water – repellent windbreaker jacket like the Windbreak from Asics . It’s up to you to judge according to the intensity of the rain and your reluctance. These two products will evacuate heat well while ensuring excellent protection . In competition , you will give the best of yourself, so you should not be cold (except in December), a technical short sleeve T-Shirt will suffice . Make yourself a poncho from a garbage bag to protect yourself while waiting to leave. Be careful, when it rains, the T-Shirt gets heavier and sticks more to the skin, which can cause irritation to the nipples , sometimes to blood. Protect them with a tape.

Running in the rain: head and foot protection

To limit the runoff of the rain in your eyes , and the tingling that goes with it (the rain dragging the sweat with it), equip yourself with a band around the head, or even a second around the wrist to mop yourself regularly.

Spectacle wearers, including myself, will use a cap for lack of wiper to limit the appearance of drops on the lenses . I had forgotten mine Sunday, a result I could not see anything more from the 10 th km …

And the feet? How to protect them in the rain? To avoid blisters , I put anti-friction cream on my feet AND my socks (inside and outside), especially when wet, the skin is more fragile.

Running in the rain: drying shoes (not easy to pronounce)

As for your shoes, they will dry out fairly quickly after running. Remove the sockliner and store them in a dry place rather than under the radiator , otherwise they will be deformed.