Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole6mm
Sole thickness (heel)36mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)26mm
Weight (men’s model)289g
Weight (female model)267g
Lighter than the previous modelMay be a bit narrow for wide feet
ComfortableNot ideal for very technical or muddy trails
Secure fit
Breathable mesh
great design
Great versatility
Improved grip


The Nike Pegasus Trail has a reputation for being an extremely comfortable hybrid shoe , but a few things have prevented it from becoming a must-have model so far. Has Nike solved these problems without sacrificing comfort, so characteristic of the collection? Overall, the answer is yes.

The new outsole uses new rubber and a more aggressive lug pattern. These updates give the Pegasus Trail 4 better grip with less weight . Thus, the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 is lighter ( 289 g for the men’s model), which is useful for running more fluidly on a steep path or on asphalt .

Other than weight and lugs, the biggest changes are to the upper. Nike opts for a simple and attractive technical mesh . The more structured design, the mid-bellows padded tongue and the Flywire system for the lacing ensure better foot lock-in .

One thing that hasn’t changed on the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 is the cushioning. Nike React midsole cushioning provides the optimal combination of support, shock absorption and comfort . All of these factors combine to provide a comfortable run for beginners or experienced runners over varied terrain, unless the terrain gets too technical.


The word hybrid can mean a lot of things these days. In many cases, that can mean trying to please everyone. Poorly executed, this type of shoe can end up not convincing anyone. With the Pegasus Trail 4, the American brand has created a model whose critics agree that it makes it possible to combine road and trail pleasantly.

As popular as Nike is, it’s not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of trail running shoes. Nike has become known above all for its road/track shoes. Without being perfect, the Pegasus Trail 4 should improve the reputation of the brand in this niche.

Adhesion and durability

The outsole of the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 is a noticeable improvement over the previous version. Even if we may not be from a Vibram MegaGrip (the reference), it’s still a big step in the right direction.

In addition to the new rubber, the stud design has also changed. They are deeper (between 3 and 4 mm), which improves traction and prevents you from slipping on technical terrain.

Testers found the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 stable with good traction on easy to medium difficulty surfaces. However, it is more complicated on more technical courses such as mud or slippery rocks. Grip is acceptable, but a more technical trail shoe seems more appropriate if that’s your primary terrain.

Finally, note that the average depth of the crampons allows you to venture comfortably on the road (which is not the case with a Terra Kiger 8 , for example).


What to do with a midsole already considered extremely comfortable? Best to leave her alone. And that’s exactly what Nike did.

The midsole of the Pegasus Trail 4 is made of Nike React foam along its entire length. Moreover, note that the brand has decided “React” in the official name of the shoe, no doubt to highlight this strong point.

Athletes who have tried the Peg Trail 4 have described the React foam cushioning as comfortable and flexible underfoot. The foam is soft but balanced. It is a material that is light, designed for performance and relatively reactive.

The thickness of the sole is high, with 36 mm under the heel and 26 mm under the forefoot. This is quite substantial (even more than the Hoka Speedgoat), but it may be the way brands measure it. In appearance, there is little difference.

The 10 mm drop is moderately high for a trail running shoe. Under normal conditions, trail runners have found the crop to provide stable support. However, on a more technical trail, they found that a lower drop could allow for better motion control.

Finally, note that this Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 does not have a stone protection plate. However, the testers did not feel the need for it. A skid plate can protect you from sharp rocks or tree roots but they didn’t miss it (probably because the cushioning is already important).

Foot support (upper)

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 had real issues with its upper. It was too loose and unstable, especially on steep descents. Version 3 brought some improvements that runners appreciated, but Nike takes it to another level with this new version.

The engineered mesh in the upper is light and simple with a well-ventilated design. The foot stays cool even in very hot weather. In addition, the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 has a more structured design and its tongue is more padded. The collar is amply padded at the ankle.

The lacing system of the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 uses the famous Flywire technology. Instead of traditional lacing, Flywire uses lightweight cables that stretch with the foot. Once laced up to the top eyelet, the lacing ensures a secure and precise lock.

Nike trail shoes have a reputation for being narrow, but the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 is a bit more accommodating for wider feet. Reviewers wouldn’t say this is a trail shoe for wide feet, but it should fit most runners.

Finally, the toe box is rounded and relatively roomy.

Racing feeling

The Nike Pegasus Trail 4 is perfect for dry, uneven paths. React foam provides a smooth, flexible ride for long-lasting comfort.

The shoe gives a feeling of lightness and speed thanks to its rather light weight compared to the thickness of the sole. Alternating between road and trail is very smooth.

The React Pegasus Trail 4 adapts perfectly to different types of outings: short or long, slow or fast, training or recovery, the Peg can do it all.

However, despite being supportive, the grip and soft cushioning may not be suitable for technical rides, including high-speed descents on slippery terrain. At the same time, this is not the vocation of this model. Again, if you want to stick with the Nike Trail line, the Terra Kiger will be a better choice when the going gets tough.


Whether you’re an avid runner or just starting out, the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 is a great option. Its main features are top comfort cushioning, well-adjusted foot support, and good flexibility for less difficult courses.

Unless you are looking for a powerful shoe for mountain trail running or prefer a lower drop, it will undoubtedly convince you. Moreover, with a base price of 140 euros, the price-performance ratio is quite good, especially since this trail shoe is also suitable for the road (no need to buy another pair of running shoes, therefore) .

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