Nike Pegasus 39 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)28mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)18mm
Weight (men’s model)255g
Weight (female model)233g
Great comfortSlightly thick upper that lacks ventilation
Sturdy pair of shoesLack of dynamism
Suitable for (almost) all profiles: beginners and experienced runners
Lightweight for cushioning and sturdiness
Few changes: the brand rests on its laurels!


running shoe that’s all about comfort over performance. This new model is lighter while retaining the winning formula of previous versions: precise support, comfort over long distances and solidity in any event. Cushioning from Nike React foam and Zoom Air units provide good support for shock absorption and a medium-firm feel provides good stability

. Heel-to-toe transitions are easy even if the dynamism of the Nike Pegasus 39 remains limited.

The main weak point of the Nike Pegasus 39? Its thick upper that lacks breathability for hot temperatures. For the rest, the shoe remains faithful to the Pegasus spirit and will continue to delight fans of the collection.

In summary, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is a very good running shoe for daily training that has the merit of being accessible thanks to universal comfort . With a base price of 120 euros, it is one of the best value for money on the market.


Every year, many fans around the world eagerly await the release of their favorite shoe: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39!

Not that these are cutting-edge shoes with exceptional powers. Here, no carbon plate, nor “super critical” foam. We are dealing with a simple and effective shoe that does exactly what we ask of it: be comfortable and last.

There is no doubt an element of nostalgia in the success each year of the Pegasus, Nike’s bestseller: it is the first shoe for many runners. And because it works so well, they still buy it every year out of habit, even if it’s not necessarily their main shoe.

The big question is therefore: what is this new model worth and can it convince people who have never worn a Pegasus? In this analysis, we will answer them together to help you determine if this 2022 edition is the right choice for you.

Cushioning (midsole)

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 remains on an intermediate configuration in terms of sole thickness. It thus resists the sirens of maximalism to which more and more brands succumb (like Adidas with its Adizero Boston).

With 28mm under the heel and an 18mm in the front (10mm drop), the Nike Pegasus 39 offers a comfortable platform that absorbs shock while leaving some ground feel.

In terms of technologies, we find the Nike React foam which offers comfortable but unvarnished cushioning. The testers note that the foam feels even more spongy to the touch, but underfoot it still has a moderately firm feel.

This structure gives good stability to the Nike Pegasus 39.

These new Nike Pegasus 39 don’t show one but two Zoom Air units: one under the front of the shoe and another under the heel. If the Zoom Air cushion under the heel is discreet, runners note that the one at the front is rather noticeable. At low speed, it is not necessarily pleasant for everyone. Luckily, that fades as you pick up the pace.

Clearly, we remain on a similar feeling to the previous version. What about the running feel of the Nike Pegasus 39? Is the shoe responsive underfoot? This is what we will see later.

Foot support (upper)

If there is one strong point on which the Nike Pegasus has never (or almost) disappointed, it is the support of the foot. The Peg 39 is no exception to the rule and its technical mesh upper allows the foot to lock perfectly into the shoe.

The internal heel counter holds the heel well without irritating it, while the tongue (linked to the laces to prevent it from slipping) wedges the instep in comfort.

Surprisingly, the Flywire cable system returns to the midfoot on the Nike Pegasus 39. It was gone from the previous two versions in favor of straps, but this 2022 update brings it back up to date.

We can assume that this is to lighten the shoe (this configuration is more discreet): with 255 g for men and 233 g for women, it is the lightest Pegasus so far. It thus aligns itself with its great rival, the Saucony Ride and its 250 g.

Note that this running shoe fits correctly with a standard space, that is to say neither wide nor restrictive, especially at the level of the toe box. If you have slender feet, it will be perfect. For wider feet, we advise you to try them on.

Finally, the upper is rather thick which gives average breathability. This configuration is ideal for winter but can be restrictive in summer when it is very hot.

Adhesion and durability

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39’s outsole results in a combination of carbon rubber under the heel and blown rubber under the forefoot.

There’s a generous amount of both materials to protect the Nike Pegasus 39 and rack up the miles without fear of rapid wear.

The outsole features a new design with two flex grooves running the length of the sole. This change should provide more flexibility during the race.

Finally, we note that the sole of this Nike running shoe displays small studs, almost similar to crampons, in order to provide better grip. However, testers note that despite their presence, the hard rubber isn’t always grippy on wet surfaces.

The shoe nevertheless has the advantage of being comfortable on dirt roads and other less technical trails.

Racing feeling

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Nike Pegasus has never shone with its dynamism. At the same time, this is not its role in the range of the American brand. The slogan of Nike its Pegasus 39? “Your workhorse with wings”. In French, it goes something like “your workaholic with wings.”

Clearly, the Nike Pegasus 39 is here to run in comfort over long distances in daily training. It offers a smooth transition but without explosive energy feedback. For that, you will have to turn to a Vaporfly (performance in competition) or an Invincible Run (much more fun but less stable).

Maybe the anniversary version next year for the 40th anniversary of the “Peg” will change the game but, for now, we are sticking with a classic configuration which remains a reference for everyday running outings. .


The Nike Pegasus 39 remains similar to previous versions with a few significant changes: lighter weight (20 g less) and a slightly more flexible sole.

Nike’s star shoe thus remains a safe bet for beginners looking for an efficient and comfortable shoe to accompany them safely in their first strides, and more seasoned runners looking for a good cruiser comfortable and sufficiently solid. to collect the miles.

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