Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole9mm
Sole thickness (heel)37mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)28mm
Weight (men’s model)273g
Weight (female model)243g
A more stable fitA rather hot rod
Very comfortable cushioning with effective reboundA substantial price
Good versatility
A robust structure


The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2 is unquestionably the brand’s most comfortable running shoe with maximum cushioning and remarkable rebound . With its ZoomX midsole, it is ideal for moderate and/or regular pace runs , such as recovery jogging or a marathon .  

This second version of the Invincible Run is almost identical to the first. However, it offers better foot support and more stability . The adjustments made to the upper of this Invincible 2 are complemented by thinner laces that allow a better adjustment to the foot.

The outsole still offers the same grip to the road. It also provides good platform protection to increase the life of the shoe. As for the curved structure called “rocker” , it facilitates the rolling for a pleasant and soft race .

With its 273 grams and its drop of 9 mm , the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2 is one of the lightest so-called “comfortable” running shoes. It is therefore the ideal partner for runners looking for a pair with good cushioning coupled with correct energy return. The Invincible Run 2 will therefore be perfect for all “cool” outings, regardless of the number of kilometers, without seeking particular performance.


Every runner knows at least one model from Nike, and many of them also know the ZoomX technology used in models other than the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2. However, it uses the rebounding foam in a way totally different than all the other models, thus offering the most comfortable running shoe from Nike.

However, not much has changed since the first model. It was an already satisfying shoe, offering cushioning and rebound. Changes include adding foam and improving the upper and laces to provide a better fit around the foot. This 2nd model is therefore part of the beginning of the line of Nike’s softest running shoe.


The new Invincible Run 2 does not present any change in technology compared to the first version. The imposing midsole made of ZoomX foam remains the main asset of this model. Indeed, this compressible foam offers both comfortable and soft cushioning, and unparalleled rebound.

The drop of the shoe is 9 mm, which is suitable for the greatest number. The cushioning pleasantly attenuates shocks and thus preserves the joints. We can therefore consider recovery races and marathons with serenity with the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2 on the feet.

Foot support (upper)

The upper is woven entirely in a soft and comfortable mesh, although a little thicker and warmer than on the first Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit. It is also less perforated and therefore less airy. However, this minor change allows for better forefoot support. The internal reinforcement in the toe-box of these running shoes has also been revised, especially in high-stress areas such as the big toe and at the level of the little toe, which could constrain the upper and deform it. Normally, this reinforcement is not considered as a stabilizing element, but for the Invincible Run 2, it participates in the stabilization of the foot in the race, which could be missing on the original shoe.

At the heel, there are internal and external buttresses to lock in the support of it. The external clip has also changed to avoid the friction that some runners could feel. The clip now extends upward to hug the foot.

At the level of the shoe, it can be a little wide. It is therefore necessary to take half a size less if you have a narrow foot. However, if you have very wide feet, the midfoot and forefoot will be a bit narrow.

Finally, with its weight of 273g, it remains one of the lightest running shoes in its category, but falls within a rather standard weight with regard to the general average.

Adhesion and durability

The waffle rubber outsole is the same as the original version. It is quite thin and completely covers the midsole. Its geometry also ensures the stability of the ZoomX foam of the Invincible Run 2, without being hard. It is quite solid and above all a good grip. However, some runners notice partial wear depending on their stride. Finally, bonus point, the gravel does not get stuck in its groove!

Racing feeling

The majority of runners who have worn the Invincible Run 2 agree that the sensations can be summed up in three qualifiers: comfort, dynamism and cushioning. These running shoes are undeniably as cushioning as they are dynamic, with a return of energy with each stride. They prevent muscle fatigue due to the repetitive shocks of running.

However, while the heel-to-toe transitions are nice, they don’t allow for performance. If some runners agree that this model can be suitable for tempo sessions, with slightly more sustained paces, most of them find themselves having to provide more effort for a moderate pace.

Indeed, without a carbon blade or a real rocker at the forefoot (even if we find a slight pendulum shape), this Invincible 2 may lack propulsion.

These running shoes are therefore more suitable for daily training and/or recovery, but also for all runners from 10km to marathon looking for comfort, despite performance.


The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 2 is truly an ideal running shoe for daily workouts. With its cushioning coupled with its rebound given by the midsole, it will be the partner of all runners looking for comfort, whether for recovery runs for those who cover several tens of kilometers per week, or for runners with fragile joints.

Despite its soft foam, this running shoe remains stable. It will therefore also be perfect for (future) marathon runners who are not looking for a new personal record.

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