Asics Gel Excite 7 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)mm
Weight (men’s model)g
Weight (female model)g
Ideal for long runs at a medium/sustained paceShoe a bit heavy
Absorbs shocks wellThe weight is mainly at the back of the shoe, it is not very well distributed
The effective rocker that improves the rebound sensations and gives dynamism to the shoeStill a bit unstable
Good lifespan
Fits many foot shapes and widths
Easy to put on



  • For starters, there is durable rubber at the outsole of the Asics Gel Excite 7. It is specially designed to provide maximum wear resistance. In addition, the runner can safely approach the roads even when it rains thanks to the impeccable grip of the platform.
  • In addition, the outsole of this road model also features flex grooves that provide a greater range of motion for the foot by allowing the sole to bend easily. The objective is to obtain a more dynamic stride for greater comfort.


  • The midsole uses Amplifoam cushioning technology . It is a flexible cushioning material with low density, which means that it does not deform easily. This technology should ensure an adaptable and soft midsole. Its purpose is to disperse shock throughout the stroke for greater comfort. In addition, this configuration promises efficient energy return for a more dynamic stride.
  • In addition, there is Rearfoot GEL technology . It results in a cushioning unit located under the heel in gel made of silicone. It is supposed to offer optimal shock dispersion.
  • Finally, there is also Ortholite , a pleasant insole that molds to the shape of the foot and completes the cushioning of the shoe. It improves foot breathing in the shoe by wicking away moisture.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Asics Gel Excite 7 features a technical jacquard mesh . This configuration provides effective foot support and provides good ventilation in the shoe.
  • In addition, the padded tongue makes the support more pleasant.
  • Finally, a classic lacing system allows the pressure of the laces to be adjusted evenly around the foot to avoid painful pressure points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do the Asics Gel Excite 7 fit?

This road shoe is based on a regular sizing system. Thus, it must correspond to the announced size. So you can choose your usual size for road shoes. However, if this is your first pair of Asics, a visit to the store can be useful to choose the ideal size.

Is this model suitable for pronators?

This shoe is a universal stride model. Thus, it is designed to adapt to all runners whatever their stride. It therefore does not display a stability aid to correct the stride and avoid overpronation. In any case, you should know that models for pronators are no more effective than universal shoes in reducing the risk of injury (see our article on the subject). We therefore advise to select your sneakers according to their comfort. Indeed, this is the most important criterion. So you can opt for this model whatever your stride, as long as it is comfortable.

Is this road shoe suitable for heavy athletes (85 kg or more)?

To our knowledge, only one study to date has looked at the link between sole thickness, weight and risk of injury. According to the findings of this study, minimalist shoes can increase the risk of injury for athletes weighing more than 71 kg. Other than that, there are no tips for other types of running shoes. The Gel Excite 7 has a moderately thick sole, so it should suit all runners regardless of weight.

Are these shoes suitable for running a marathon or a half marathon?

This Asics road shoe is versatile enough to adapt to different types of distances and training. You can therefore run with it during your daily sessions, of any type. As for the marathon, there is no particular imperative. If you can handle long sessions comfortably with these shoes then they should be able to accompany you on your run without any problem!

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