Asics GlideRide 3 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole5mm
Sole thickness (heel)40mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)35mm
Weight (men’s model)266g
Weight (female model)231g
Comfortable to wearNot the ideal shoe for pure performance
Suitable for the majority of runnersFor some, they do not protect the ankles enough
Flexible and energetic
Pleasant and smooth ride
Good value for money


The Asics GlideRide 3 running shoes are first of all very pleasant to wear , with a soft upper , which allows a certain flexibility . The forefoot is wide enough to accommodate all types of feet. The tongue allows the whole to be adjusted properly for a feeling of general comfort.

The different layers of foam used on this pair are both flexible and energetic . This propels you forward while ensuring optimal damping. They are also very stable , which is very pleasant and reassuring. An EVA plate ensures energy return, even when you are not running at very high speed.

The outsole of the shoe is very grippy , so you can use them on all types of roads, including when they are wet, without the risk of slipping too frequently.

Finally, the testers unanimously appreciated the running sensations provided by this GlideRide: fluid, easy and fun . Moreover, this third version is much lighter than the previous models.

The GlideRide 3 will be appreciated by runners who like soft and flexible running shoes, while being well protected thanks to a good fit. They are interesting for long distance, at moderate speed . Dynamic underfoot, they are suitable for the vast majority of athletes thanks to their optimal stability.


The GlideRide 3 is the third edition of a neutral and stable model from Asics, designed for runners with a universal stride. You will see that a number of changes have been made compared to the two previous versions of this model, particularly in terms of the softness and flexibility of the shoe.

Discover our complete analysis of this pair of running shoes.


The GlideRide 3 has a double foam midsole, as on version 2. However, instead of having Flyefoam on the upper layer, we now find FlyteFoam Blast+ technology, a foam that gives both energy and rebound. The bottom layer is made of FlyteFoam Propel, which is more firm, durable and stable. The combination of the two allows a certain flexibility in the shoe, as well as a feeling of comfort.

The sole has a thickness of 40 mm at the heel and a drop of 5 mm. The thickness is quite generous, which allows for a fairly deep cushioning, interesting for people who want to run over long distances like the marathon. Shocks are properly absorbed.

An EVA plate is also present. This allows a tilt forward with each step with the curvature of the sole (rocker). This one is however not very brutal, because it is not a carbon plate.

The shoe stays flexible overall and the underfoot feel is balanced.

Foot support (upper)

The fit of the Asics GlideRide 3 is both lighter than that of the 2, but also softer, more airy and more stretchy. This running shoe is therefore very comfortable to wear.

The heel counter is less massive than before, allowing the running shoe to be more flexible and easier to adjust. The tongue is quite padded and has a gusset. It allows you to adapt the lacing to your foot, but also to protect it by locking the heel properly. The overall support was appreciated by the testers.

They agreed that the size of the GlideRide 3 running shoes was as usual. They can fit both narrow and medium feet, as the toe box is quite specious. However, people with very wide feet could feel tight: you would have to choose an additional half size.

The shoe weighs 265 grams in size 42.5 for men, which is standard. It’s 25 grams lighter than the previous model in the range: this gain is far from negligible and it is felt under the foot.

Adhesion and durability

The outsole of the GlideRide 3 is similar to that of version number 2. A fairly thick AHARPLUS rubber is present on the heel. It is thinner in the midfoot and forefoot. We can observe on the underside of the shoe a rather deep groove, which allows to see the EVA rocker at the front.

This running shoe is however more flexible than the old version, which makes it slightly more dynamic. Transitions are also smoother based on running pace. Testers found it to have grip on both dry and wet roads.

However, it can be noted that the rubber deteriorated relatively quickly during the test period. Some therefore have doubts about the durability of this pair of running shoes.

Racing feeling

The testers were quite surprised, positively, by the sensations that the pair of Asics GlideRide 3 running shoes gave them.

The front of the shoe is flexible, but remains dynamic and lively. The heel is not too stiff and the whole shoe is not too heavy. It is therefore pleasant to wear on outings at slow or medium pace. It is possible to cover quite significant distances with it, because the cushioning is sufficient.

The EVA rocker, located under this GlideRide, allows a fairly energetic ride from a certain speed. It is therefore suitable for your recovery outings, your long outings or even your threshold sessions. It is a very versatile running shoe.


The Asics GlideRide 3 are running shoes that suit a lot of runners. They are quite flexible, but still very energetic. They are very comfortable to wear, wide enough to fit most feet and remain stable.

The stacking of layers and the EVA plate make it a shoe that is both responsive and cushioning, with a drop of 6 mm. The combo of this Asics GlideRide update will appeal to a lot of road runners for their long training rides.

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