ASICS Novablast 3 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole8mm
Sole thickness (heel)31mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)23mm
Weight (men’s model)253g
Weight (female model)222g
Use of the new Flytefoam Blast + foam which offers more lightness to the modelA very thin tongue that tends to slip
A new geometry of the midsole bringing more stabilityMay lack grip on wet roads
A finer and more breathable mesh
Versatile shoes par excellence


With the new Novablast 3, Asics has developed one of its most versatile shoes . Both light and lively , the Novablast 3 offers soft and comfortable cushioning . Asics was able to get the best out of the two previous versions while correcting their major flaw: a lack of stability and a lack of rebound due to too much weight.

The use of the new Flytefoam Blast+ foam as well as a reworked geometry gives the midsole more stability, dynamism and lightness . What all runners will appreciate both in their daily training and on their long outings. Only the fastest runners will find them a bit lacking in firmness.


The runner community saw the arrival of the Novablast 3 from Asics with circumspection as the two previous versions had a hard time convincing (although we appreciated Asics’ efforts on the Novablast 2 ) . The first version lacked stability and the second, by wanting to correct the various errors (reduced drop, wider platform to be more stable), saw its weight increase sharply. The runner thus lost in feeling of lightness, all that made the interest of the model.

The Novablast 3 has all the qualities of the previous versions – energetic, comfortable and versatile – but with a significantly lighter weight. This is the promise of Asics. Promise more than kept!

Cushioning (midsole)

From its geometry to its composition, Asics has completely revised the midsole of the Novablast 3. The new Flytefoam Blast + foam, also used on several Asics models, such as the Glideride 3 or the Gel-Nimbus 24, provides as much softness and rebound to cushioning, but being much lighter than the previous version. This allows the Novablast 3 to increase to 243 grams for men (and 214 grams for women).

The testers were surprised by the lightness of the shoe which seems rather bulky at first glance. Indeed, the midsole seems more imposing due to its new geometry. However, this one retains a height under heel of 31 mm and a drop of 8 mm. What changes, however, is a 5 mm wider platform providing more stability.

This new sole solved the major flaw of the original version, namely the lack of heel stability and the lack of rebound.

Foot support (upper)

Asics has also revised the Novablast upper. This one is lighter and thinner than the previous version, while remaining just as comfortable. The technical monofilament mesh of the upper, while adapting to a wide foot, is able to provide sufficient support to a narrower foot.

The tongue, because of its thinness, tends to slip. Incorporating a system that is fully bellows on future versions of the Novablast would be relevant.

Note that 75% of the main upper is made from recycled materials. The dyeing process also uses 33% less water.

Grip and durability (outsole)

The outsole is the part of the Novablast that has seen the fewest changes. This is similar to previous versions, but wider to provide more stability for runners. A logical modification given the new geometry of the midsole.

The grip remains excellent both on the road and on the trails. But it tends to decrease on wet roads. The testers made a few slips which surprised them well during rainy outings.

However, the testers appreciated the resistance of the sole despite the accumulated kilometers.

Racing feeling

The testers unanimously loved the new Novablast 3. Many have placed it among their favorite models from Asics. Light, comfortable and dynamic, the Novablast 3 won over testers with its versatility.

The new midsole geometry provides a forward rocking feel despite the lack of a carbon plate. This gives the stride a certain lightness and ease.

However, this new, more imposing heel can block midfoot attacks. It will also be necessary to pay attention to the support of the heel in the turns. Note that the testers took half a size smaller than their usual size.

The cushioning is soft enough to provide maximum comfort on short and long rides and energetic enough to suit all but the fastest paces. Where the Novablast 3 will lose its interest. Indeed, the fastest runners will most certainly prefer firmer cushioning and will turn to models with carbon plates.

The Novablast 3 works for everything, long and short outings, marathon paces as well as fundamental endurance… Except for pure speed training on the track.


Asics has learned from the mistakes of the past by offering a Novablast 3 combining the best of the first two versions: soft but energetic cushioning, better stability and lighter weight. This is thanks to the use of the new Flytefoam Blast + foam and a midsole with a new geometry.

Light, energetic and versatile, the Novablast has it all and will appeal to runners looking for comfort and dynamism for all their training, from daily training to marathon preparation, with the exception of pure speed.

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