Asics Magic Speed ​​2 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole7mm
Sole thickness (heel)37mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)30mm
Weight (men’s model)224g
Weight (female model)205g
Stable and soft underfootEnergy return not optimal for this type of shoe
Nice breathable mesh with a precise fit for most runnersUpper not comfortable for some runners
The “rocker” geometry offers a nice feeling of propulsionHeavier than most other similar shoes
Rather versatile shoe
Reasonable price for a carbon model


After a somewhat disappointing first attempt , Asics found itself having to change a lot of things on Magic Speed ​​v2 to finally offer the propulsion and comfort promised to runners. This second version remains a light shoe, but more bouncy . Is it enough to be really “magical”?

The Magic Speed ​​2 uses a combination of foams with FF BLAST PLUS and FLYTEFOAM (heel) . This gives the shoe more dynamism with a faster push off. The carbon-infused TPU plate and extra padding around the heel collar and shank are also welcome upgrades over the first iteration.

The Magic Speed ​​2 is intended to be a fast shoe and its name comes from the Japanese term for relay racing “Ekiden” (the full name of the shoe). Overall, we find the quality of design that makes the reputation of Asics. However, in terms of speed, the Magic Speed ​​2 struggles to dazzle even if it proves to be a completely satisfactory tempo shoe for daily outings at fast split type paces. For the competition, it will be necessary to switch to the MetaSpeed ​​range!

Read our full review of the Asics Magic Speed ​​2 for more information


Asics releases new shoes at an astonishing speed. So much so that it is difficult to navigate with all the models. The Japanese brand has always sought the perfect balance between cushioning and speed and has a large collection with names like MetaSpeed ​​Edge, MetaSpeed ​​Sky, MetaRacer…etc. Now it’s the turn of the Magic Speed ​​2 to try to convince runners looking for a fast pair!

However, will the improvements made to the Asics Magic Speed ​​2 allow it to find its stride?

Is it a “super” competition shoe in its own right? Or is it made primarily for training? This is what we will see in this detailed analysis.

Cushioning (midsole)

Testers liked how Asics used Flytefoam Blast+ all over the surface, making the Magic Speed ​​2 a comfortable running shoe over longer distances.

The soft foam does not detract from the dynamism of the shoe, even if it is a model that puts comfort before performance overall. In addition, the structure offers good stability with good support from heel to toe (on this point, many testers compare it to the Asics Metaspeed Edge +).

With a thickness of 37 mm under the heel and 30 mm under the toes (drop of 7 mm), the Magic Speed ​​2 results in a rather standard and accessible configuration to suit the greatest number.

The shoe is 2mm higher than the first Magic Speed, which will delight those who want a softer landing feel and less impact on the heel.

Overall, this new Magic Speed ​​offers better comfort without being too flexible or too soft. However, it is not as soft as other competing shoes (also in the 10k/half marathon slot) like the very good Hoka Mach 5 .

Foot support (upper)

You can’t help but appreciate the funky look and design of the Asics Magic Speed ​​2 Ekiden. The colors are inspired by the Ekiden relay race ( 1 ).

The upper is relatively thin and conforms well to runners’ feet. The technical mesh makes it breathable enough to feel good at fast pace and in hot weather.

In addition, this second iteration of the Magic Speed ​​brings many improvements to the upper, much criticized on the first model. The result is an upper that is lighter and better suited to competition.

Overall, testers agree that the Magic Speed ​​2 fits just right. However, they still have to be tried on as they have proven to be too small and ill-fitting for a few people. You have been warned!

Grip and durability (outsole)

With their affordable mid-range price, the Asics Magic Speed ​​2 are among the most budget-friendly carbon fiber plate options available today.

The outsole design is sturdy and the runners showed no signs of wear even after several sessions.

We find the Asics Grip rubber with uncovered foam, as on the Metaspeed Sky+ and Edge+. Traction is good even in wet conditions, which is important for road running shoes.

Finally, the Magic Speed ​​2 is not as light as other running shoes, but that can help it last longer. Size 42 for men weighs 224g, while size 40 for women weighs 205g. It’s much more than the Saucony Endorphin Pro with its 200g weight (men’s model), but you save on the purchase price and gain more kilometers thanks to the better quality.

Racing feeling

Unfortunately, the Magic Speed ​​2’s obvious weakness is its inability to become a full-fledged competition shoe. If you like to run fast with high energy return underfoot, this might not be the best option.

While they’re comfortable and the full-length carbon plate provides decent forward propulsion at faster paces, they’re not up to the competition for ‘racers’. Nevertheless, the rigid profile of the rocker is very pleasant during interval training sessions for a smooth stride, and the weight-to-cushioning ratio is quite decent.

Clearly, this is a fast training shoe to tempo your sessions. It can also be an asset for an official race like the half-marathon, but if you want to break a record, a pure competition model will be better suited.


The Asics Magic Speed ​​2 corrects the situation well by clearly improving the first version which was a little unsuccessful. His only fault is to continue to play a little on all fronts: training and racing.

We see it as a quality daily training shoe with carbon plate for smooth running. It is comfortable over medium and long distances.

Its modest price makes it a good buy for beginner and intermediate riders wishing to balance carbon, comfort and versatility.

More experienced runners may find it a bit clunky and not bouncy enough to measure up to other carbon “super shoe” models like the MetaSpeed ​​Sky, Nike Vaporfly or Saucony Endorphin Pro.

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