Asics Gel Nimbus Lite Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)25mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)15mm
Weight (men’s model)275g
Weight (female model)244g
Great comfortSole too soft under the forefoot according to the testers
Dynamic cushioningAverage weight (expected lighter given the profile of the shoe)
Use of ecological materials (without being at the level of Veja, it is a step in the right direction)
Well-ventilated upper that offers ideal support


The Asics Gel Nimbus Lite marks, alongside the Ride collection (eg Asics EvoRide ), a new direction for the Japanese brand. This brings a breath of fresh air to an aging range of shoes plagued by competition from Nike and its Vaporflywho wins serial marathons. Thus, this new Nimbus (which has only the name of Nimbus, finally) displays a flexible configuration full of dynamism. In addition, at the time of the climate crisis, Asics is making efforts and is now using recycled materials and biomass in both the midsole and the upper. The new Eco Content Flytefoam foam offers particularly comfortable cushioning with good shock absorption and excellent energy return, much higher than that of other Flytefoam foams, according to the testers. The drop is also rather high (10 mm for men, 13 mm for women) like on the “original” Nimbus. The only complaint made by the testers is at the level of the forefoot: the sole is too flexible there, which would tire the foot over long distances. Then, at the level of the upper, there is a particularly breathable open mesh which perfectly combines support and ventilation while offering sufficient space for the foot. Finally, the outsole is copiously covered with resistant AHAR rubber to accumulate the kilometers without fear of wearing the shoe prematurely. In summary, the Asics Gel Nimbus Lite is a very successful new road shoe that takes the brand’s emblematic comfort by adding a large dose of dynamism and flexibility to have fun during training.



  • First, we find the AHAR technology in the outsole of the Asics Gel Nimbus Lite. This is a rubber renowned for its unfailing solidity for running on urban surfaces. Thus, it improves the durability of the sole. In addition, this rubber is slightly foamed to improve the cushioning of the shoe. This system ensures impeccable grip on the road even in rainy weather to prevent accidental slipping.


  • The midsole features Eco Content Flytefoam cushioning technology . This is a new version of the lightweight Flytefoam made from biomass made from sugar cane. Its purpose is to maximize the propulsive force at the moment of thrust. Thus, this configuration promises optimal responsiveness for a more dynamic stride.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Asics Gel Nimbus Lite features Recycled Content Polyester technology . Thus, most of the elements of the upper part use recycled materials or biomass. Of course, this does not detract from the maintenance of the mesh which is excellent, as is the breathability. Indeed, it uses a particularly open texture to facilitate the circulation of air inside the shoe.
  • In addition, the 3D printed reinforcements increase the support of the foot and the structure of the upper for greater durability of the shoe.
  • On the other hand, we find the Heel Clutching System technology , a unique shaped resin piece located at the heel. Its purpose is to adapt as optimally as possible to the shape of the foot for more effective support.
  • Finally, the reflective elements allow the runner to be seen even when there is little light for more safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do the Asics Gel Nimbus Lite fit?

This road shoe follows a regular sizing system. Thus, it must correspond to the announced size. So you can opt for your usual size for road shoes. However, if this is your first Asics model, a visit to the store is recommended to choose the optimal size.

Is this shoe suitable for pronator runners?

This shoe is a universal stride model. Thus, it is designed to suit all users regardless of their type of stride. It therefore does not display a stability aid to correct the stride and avoid supination or pronation. Anyway, you should know that models for operators are no more effective than universal shoes to avoid injury (see our article on the subject). We therefore recommend selecting your sneakers according to their comfort. Indeed, this is the most important criterion. So you can choose this model whatever your stride, provided it is comfortable.

Is this road model suitable for heavy athletes (85 kg or more)?

To our knowledge, only one study so far has investigated the relationship between sole thickness, injury risk, and weight. According to the results of this study, minimalist shoes may increase the risk of injury for runners weighing more than 71 kg. Other than that, there are no tips for other types of running shoes. The Gel Nimbus Lite offers a thick sole of 25 mm under the heel and it should therefore be suitable for the greatest number of athletes regardless of their weight.

Are these shoes suitable for running a marathon or a half-marathon?

This Asics road shoe is quite suitable for different types of training and distances. You can therefore run with it during your daily sessions, whether they focus on distance or speed. Regarding the marathon, there is no particular recommendation. If you can run comfortably in these shoes during training of various distances for several months, then they should be able to accompany you without worry on the day of your race!

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