Asics Gel Excite 6 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)mm
Weight (men’s model)273g
Weight (female model)250g
Good comfortLack of toe room
Low price for good quality
Pleasant cushioning
Well ventilated shoe


The Asics Gel Excite 6 is an entry-level, budget road shoe. Nevertheless, even with its low price, the Excite 6 proves to be an efficient and comfortable shoe. Thus, it is equipped with a classic moderately cushioned sole with a drop of 10 mm. This is covered with AHAR+ rubber which is resistant to bitumen wear, while Gel technology (silicone-based) equips the heel to absorb shocks. The upper is simple while providing good foot support and letting it breathe during exercise. In addition, the weight is reasonable with 273 grams for the men’s model and 250 grams for the women’s version. The only somewhat negative point of this model is its lack of space in the toe area, which could be unpleasant for some athletes. In summary,



  • The outsole of the Asics Gel Excite 6 uses AHAR + . This material is a variant of Asics’ famous high abrasion resistance rubber (AHAR: Asics High Abrasion Rubber). The difference between the two is that AHAR+ is supposed to be twice as durable as basic.
  • AHAR+ has a spongy consistency that makes it lighter and more flexible than traditional rubber. In the Gel Excite 6, the AHAR+ resists impact and abrasion with ease thanks to its car tire-like toughness.


  • AmpliFoam technology comes in the form of a soft, low-density cushioning material, which means it doesn’t easily deform. This guarantees the sixth version of the Gel Excite a flexible, adaptable and comfortable midsole. In addition, its flexibility must allow a natural unfolding with each stride.
  • On the other hand, Gel technology is known for the shock absorption it offers. Placed in the front and rear of the foot, the Gel absorbs shock on impact and distributes it throughout the foot. This allows the shoe to be both more durable and more responsive while promoting an efficient stride.
  • Finally, an Ortholite insole completes the cushioning. It provides additional cushioning while providing protection to the ball of the foot. The Ortholite insole has antimicrobial characteristics, which guarantee a cool and dry environment, avoiding bad odors and humidity.

Upper part (upper)

  • With an engineered mesh upper , the Asics Gel Excite 6 strikes the perfect balance between protection and airflow. The material keeps the foot dry for a long time. The unique construction connecting the mesh to the rest of the shoe allows the upper to provide a secure and comfortable fit, for a worry-free run. In addition, the technical mesh is also stretchy which ensures a perfect fit.
  • On the other hand, this model has a set of elongated reinforcement elements that form the letter A, the brand’s signature. These elements provide support and guarantee the integrity of the structure.
  • The closure system is a traditional lacing system with eyelets. The laces provide a secure fit while leaving the foot with enough room for a great feeling of comfort.
  • Finally, the shoe has a counter at the heel which provides good support to the rear of the foot, as well as a precise fit. This reinforcement offers good protection since it prevents the foot from accidentally slipping by keeping it in place.

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