Asics MetaSpeed Sky+ Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole5mm
Sole thickness (heel)39mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)34mm
Weight (men’s model)193g
Weight (female model)179g
Cushioning even more comfortable and more dynamicFew changes from the first version
More foot room without compromising supportHeavier (while remaining light)
Rather solid for a racer with carbon plateMaybe a little loose if you have very thin feet
Versatile enough for slower pacesVery high price (snif!)


Very good carbon running shoes with explosive cushioning and impeccable support.

Don’t have time to read the full analysis? Here’s what you need to know.

The Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ is a minor update to the first model. We find a very high quality carbon racing shoe for competitions such as the marathon .

The sole is 5mm thicker but the feel is firmer with a different position of the carbon plate. The rebound remains as explosive as ever to go faster.

The big question is above all: how does the MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ stand out from the competition? To this we can answer that it offers better durability and more precise foot support . As far as performance is concerned, it remains a personal question which may vary from one runner to another.

Read our full review of this new MetaSpeed ​​Sky for more information.

The complete analysis of the Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky+


The Japanese brand hit hard with their Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky, their first major carbon plate shoe to rival Nike’s Vaporfly.

If there is a word that is often used to describe the first MetaSpeed ​​Sky, it is “explosive”! Indeed, this clearly maximalist shoe surprised with a very impressive rocker effect that propels the body quickly, not to say abruptly.

In addition, the shoe demonstrated its versatility by winning the triathlon events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on the feet of the men’s and women’s champions of the discipline ( 1 ) .

So, what should we expect from this new version? The changes are rather minor (which is why ASICS opted for a ‘+’ rather than a ‘2’ to name this model), but not non-existent. Explanations.


Comparing the MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ to its predecessor, you can clearly see that the sole is thicker. Thus, we go to 39 mm under the heel and 34 mm under the metas (drop of 5 mm). So that’s 5 mm more!

The midsole foam remains the same: FlyteFoam Blast Turbo, a PEBA-based material (similar to Nike’s ZoomX). The biggest change is in the positioning of the carbon fiber plate.

As a reminder, Asics designed its MetaSpeed ​​range with the Sky and its twin, the MetaSpeed ​​Edge, for different strides, based on the theory that there are two types of runners:

  • Those who lengthen their stride to go faster
  • And those who increase the pace.

The Sky is for the first category while the Edge is for the second. From the theory above, ASICS determined that runners who lengthen their stride needed to have the plate closer to the foot with more foam under it. According to the brand, the Sky+ has 4% more foam and this addition is found entirely in the forefoot.

This new configuration should allow an even more impressive impulse under the toes to push the ground more easily and therefore go faster.

Keep reading below to see what it does in terms of performance.

The upper translates into a technical mesh that uses a thin and airy material to let the foot breathe optimally.

The mesh is softer, more flexible, and therefore, more comfortable.

In addition, we note that the front part of the shoe is clearly wider. In addition, the toe box is higher which avoids compressing the toes.

If you have very thin feet, the extra bulk can potentially be a problem, so check it out. In practice, it is still easy to properly adjust the pressure thanks to the laces. On the contrary, if the original model was too narrow, it might be worth giving this one a chance.

Then, the heel collar is still padded but is also softer which is more comfortable. Some runners even noted that they had fewer blisters with this new model. There is also more structure which allows a more stable support during the race.

Clearly, we have the right to a perfectly adjusted footwear that locks the foot pleasantly to run serenely in competition.

Adhesion and durability

The first model’s rubber outsole was flawless so why mess it up? This update takes a design that combines exposed foam and firm, durable rubber to provide effective grip and good durability.

If we compare the MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ to other models in its category, it is one of the toughest. This is important, especially if you are preparing for a (half-)marathon and want to break in the shoe in training before the big day.

Running sensations

While taking up the main lines of the first version, the MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ displays some notable differences.

First of all, despite the extra foam, runners note that the feeling is firmer underfoot. This gives even more dynamic cushioning with a high rebound that is particularly suitable for a half or marathon pace.

Shorter distances (5-10 km) are also possible but this will depend on individual preferences. For example, a few runners note that the shoe does not encourage a forefoot strike, common at high speeds.

In addition, unlike other carbon plate shoes, the MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ offers a good feeling of the ground and therefore does not isolate the foot, while offering the advantages of substantial cushioning.

Stability is also excellent thanks to the platform structure and precise foot support.


The Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky+ stays true to itself. This is the best in the Asics range for medium and long distances.

Comfortable cushioning, stable running, impressive energy-saving rebound and flawless support. What else could you ask for?

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