You have just started running, you radiated motivation: for 10 days you have been running every day .

You swore it to everyone around you: You have NEVER felt so good! So, shall we continue or not? Well no !

Running every day? Not necessarily the best idea

  • You are taking a real risk with your joints , which are forgiving at the moment but which may well make you pay for them in some time.
  • You don’t let your body rest , and assimilate this new effort. Rest is part of a training plan, it is not a lazy thing.
  • It’s hard to believe with your brand new endorphins, but you might not keep up , you might lose your motivation. Even get bored.

So what do we do ?

We program 3 outings per week maximum, it’s ideal to start.And if the goal of daily outings was to burn as many calories as possible, we compensate by extending the sessions (by brisk walking for example) or by alternating with other sports that are more tender on the joints (swimming, cycling, etc.)

Confirmed runners will be able, over time, to intensify the pace and go up to a daily outing (if the body follows!). But it is work that is done over time.

And with a very good pair of running shoes adapted to his posture