Nike Quest 3 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the solemm
Sole thickness (heel)mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)mm
Weight (men’s model)255g
Weight (female model)227g
Good comfortInsufficient cushioning according to some runners
Pleasant cushioningNarrow model
Upper that supports the foot well
Not bad quality for the price
Relatively light model


The Nike Quest 3 is an entry-level running shoe that boasts a simple yet effective setup overall. Thus, there is a moderately thick sole equipped with foam and covered with resistant rubber. Runners who tried the shoe found the cushioning satisfactory although a few found the arch support lacking. Then, the thin and light upper is also without frills and wedges the foot well in the shoe. However, it should be noted that the Quest is a bit of a narrow shoe and might feel tight if you have wide feet. We therefore recommend that you pay attention if this is a recurring problem when trying on running shoes. On the other hand, the weight is reasonable with 255 g for men and 227 g for women. Finally, the quality, without being exceptional, is very correct for the price (about 70 euros, depending on the merchants). In summary, the Nike Quest 3 is an affordable shoe with a standard configuration to suit most people. This can be an interesting model if you are new to running or if you are looking for an inexpensive booster shoe.



  • First, durable rubber is found on the outsole of the Nike Quest 3. This features high wear resistance. Plus, you can ride confidently on asphalt even in bad weather thanks to the platform’s jaw-dropping grip. It is also possible to venture on the slightly steep paths.


  • The midsole is equipped with foam . This offers a basic but effective configuration to effectively absorb shocks during running while allowing a slight pleasant rebound.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Nike Quest 3 results in a lightweight and breathable single-layer mesh . This wraps the foot in comfort while letting it breathe during the run when you pick up the pace. The support is particularly targeted at the level of the midfoot for more security.
  • In addition, the stitched design at the heel level offers a personalized and pleasant support to wedge the foot more comfortably in the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do the Nike Quest 3 shoes fit?

This running shoe uses a regular sizing system. To date, we haven’t seen any feedback from runners that this model runs large or small. So you can order your regular size for sports shoes. However, if this is your first Nike model, a visit to the store is advisable to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Is this model suitable for pronator athletes?

This is a shoe for universal stride. Thus, it is designed to be suitable for all athletes regardless of their type of stride. It therefore does not display any special correction to avoid overpronation. It is worth remembering here that in all cases shoes for pronators are no more effective than universal shoes in limiting the risk of injury (see our article on the subject). We therefore advise to choose your running sneakers according to their comfort. Indeed, this is the most important criterion.

Is this model recommended for heavy runners (80 kg or more)?

To our knowledge, only one scientific research study to date has looked at the link between sole thickness, athlete weight and risk of injury. According to the results of this one, minimalist shoes could increase the risk of injury for runners who weigh more than 71 kilograms. The Quest 3 offers a moderately thick sole and therefore does not fall into this category; it should therefore be adapted to your morphology, regardless of your size.

Can you run a marathon or a half-marathon with this model?

This Nike road shoe is perfect for different types of training and distances. You can therefore run with it during your daily outings, of any type. As far as the marathon is concerned, it depends above all on your preferences. If you’re able to rack up long sessions comfortably in these shoes then they should be a solid choice on your competition day!

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