Nike ZoomX Streakfly Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole6mm
Sole thickness (heel)32mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)26mm
Weight (men’s model)170g
Weight (female model)170g
Great comfortSupport which can be imprecise
Soft, dynamic and protective cushioningSole flexibility can limit performance
Very stylish designComplicated laces that take practice to find the perfect fit
Good stability for such a flexible and soft shoe


Nike reinvigorates its line of “Streak” racers by adding its famous lightweight and bouncy ZoomX foam. The result is the Nike ZoomX Streakfly, a competition shoe intended for short or medium distances like the 5 km and 10 km.

Direct competitor of the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8, it is distinguished by a softer and more comfortable but less effective configuration. Thus, it has a 32 mm thick sole under the heel with a drop of 6 mm. The feeling under the foot is soft and the platform is flexible, especially under the forefoot.

In the same way, the upper, flexible and ample , does not have much structure. Such a configuration is perfect for comfort but may not please everyone, especially during fast paces.

In terms of running, the Streakfly offers great comfort with a pleasant rebound to facilitate transitions. The result is not as impressive as on the brand’s carbon plate shoes like the Alphafly, but it has the merit of being more versatile.

In summary, the Nike ZoomX Streakfly is more about comfort than performance. It has the merit of combining rebound and stabilitybut its support and flexible sole might disappoint pure competitors. Conversely, runners looking for an accessible and fast shoe will be delighted!


Nike has gone all out for the release of its new ZoomX Streakfly. It must be said that the shoe completes a blind spot in its running collection: short races of 5 and 10 km.

To do this, the American brand has updated its “racer” model, the Nike Streak. This shoe caused a lot of talk in 2015 when it broke down live from the Berlin Marathon (the sole had come out of the shoe, just that!), potentially costing Eliud Kipchoge a world record.

However, as we will see, the Streakfly no longer has much to do with its ancestor. The big question is whether it can compete with its direct competitor, the Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8 . Let’s go !


Under its very successful design with a competition profile, the Nike ZoomX Streakfly hides a relatively thick sole with 32 mm under the heel and 26 mm under the toes.

Of course, the foam is ZoomX. It’s the brand’s most popular technology today (and arguably the most effective) and it equips all Nike running models intended for competition. ZoomX provides cushioning that’s comfortable, plush without being flabby, and bouncy. So, the testers were surprised that this racer was so pleasant underfoot. So much so that they would almost recommend it for daily training!

The brand didn’t go so far as to use a carbon blade on this Streakfly (unlike Adidas and its Takumi Sen 8). However, it still uses a Pebax (polymer) shank to promote a more stable ride.

If overall the sole is dynamic, ready to return the energy given to it during the race, the testers also note that the platform is very flexible, especially under the forefoot because the upper is mainly under the midfoot. Is this a good or a bad thing? This is what we will see later.

Foot support (upper)

As we can see in the photo above, the Nike ZoomX Streakfly stands out from other racers with its wide and roomy forefoot. This will have the merit of reassuring athletes who have wide feet. Other runners may (rightly) worry about foot support.

Indeed, with its minimal design, without reinforcements to wedge the foot, the Streakfly offers little structure and therefore a great margin of maneuver.

Concretely, the upper translates into an ultra-thin technical mesh lined with a net to improve breathability (in addition to style!). The buttress at the heel is also flexible for more comfort while snuggling the foot well.

In addition to being a very beautiful shoe with a discreet and classy design, the Streakfly is also ultra-light. Its 170 g are enough to convince that we are indeed dealing with a running shoe cut for performance.

Finally, note that the design is unisex. In terms of sizing, this is a shoe that runs a little large so you may need to opt for a size smaller than what you are used to.

Adhesion and durability

The Streakfly’s outsole is very reminiscent of its carbon colleagues like the Vaporfly. We thus find rubber along its entire length with a wave-shaped texture designed, according to Nike, from data collected from runners to improve traction.

According to the testers, the grip is there on dry urban surfaces. The rain is also manageable but beware all the same!

Racing feeling

The soft, flexible and bouncy configuration of the ZoomX sole translates to a comfortable and smooth ride. Testers note that the cushioning isn’t explosive but offers good energy return for a nice, easy ride. The contrast is therefore clear with the Vaporfly and the Alphafly and their marked rocking effect.

Thus, the Streakfly offers an accessible and comfortable configuration for the greatest number. In addition, the upper provides good stability and compensates for the flexibility of the shoe.

However, some testers expected more from the Nike Streakfly. They note that Nike prioritized comfort over performance. For example, according to them, the flexibility of the platform under the forefoot does not allow such an efficient impulse, which limits propulsion. Similarly, the lack of structure in the upper can limit the shoe’s potential in competition by not supporting the foot precisely enough.


The Nike ZoomX Streakfly may not live up to its ambitions, but it has the merit of fulfilling an important function in the Nike range. It is aimed at runners looking for a running (or racer) shoe that combines simple configuration, generous cushioning and easy running.

Presented as a shoe for 5 or 10 km, it can go well beyond that but will struggle to compete with super carbon shoes, which are much more efficient for long distances.

At 160 euros, it offers decent value for money given its ingenious design.

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