Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the solemm
Sole thickness (heel)mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)mm
Weight (men’s model)g
Weight (female model)g
Breathable mesh upperThe tongue that does not stay in place when lacing the shoe.
Notched lacesThe laces are a little too long
Removable studshigher price
Reactive foam for comfortable and dynamic cushioning


latest distance spike shoe is breathtaking. And for good reason: the ZoomX foam in the midsole. This cushions your foot and propels you forward with impressive rebound mile after mile.

The toe box provides good volume , making the Dragonfly an excellent track shoe for competitors with wide feet. Additionally, Nike updated the upper by adding additional perforations for improved breathability .

The ZoomX Dragonfly’s outsole features a ribbed texture and removable spikes (six in total) for exceptional cornering traction and a smooth ride.

Weighing in at 133g , the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is a unisex shoe that provides a smooth transition from attack to push. Its sleek style and comfort provide the inspiration and energy athletes need to push their limits on the track.

Although Nike designed the ZoomX Dragonfly for elite athletes in the 5,000 and 10,000 m, runners note that the Dragonfly also works wonders for the 1600m, 3200m, hurdles and cross country. Some go so far as to claim that the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is the most versatile spike shoe available today.


Nike has long been a leader in athletic footwear. Over the years, the company has achieved its goal: to enable athletes to run fast. Shoes such as the Miler, Jasari and Matumbo have delivered outstanding performance on the trail without sacrificing comfort or traction.

Nike has once again set the bar high with the ZoomX Dragonfly, Nike’s next generation track shoe. Using proven technology, ZoomX foam, Nike has created an extremely lightweight pair of spikes that rank in the top 2% of popularity among trail shoes.

Although the price is higher, runners who have tested them note that they are well worth it.

Let’s discover together the reasons for this success and the potential drawbacks of Nike’s bestseller.

Comfort and dynamism

ZoomX foam, originally derived from a technology used in the aerospace industry, has been a big hit in Nike’s running (road) collection, especially for its carbon plate shoes .

No, it cushions your foot, but, according to the American brand, it returns 85% of the energy on impact, which allows you to have a thunderous impulse under the forefoot and keep your legs cool during long runs.

So, testers say the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is excellent for everyday track training or competition. Additionally, many runners have noted that their post-run recovery is much smoother with the Dragonfly.


Testers noticed that the tip shape of the Dragonfly is more curved than that of the Matumbo. This extra curvature makes it easier to stay on your toes, which is invaluable in the last 200 meters of your run.

There are 6 spikes under each shoe and they are 6.4mm in length.

Foot support

Foot support determines how well the shoe holds your foot to prevent it from slipping with movement. When your foot slides forward, it bumps into the toe of the shoe, which can cause black toenails and blisters or just reduce overall comfort.

Notched laces are one of the great strengths of the Dragonfly. They allow you to better regulate the pressure around the foot and prevent them from coming undone during training, or worse, during the race! They are indeed long enough to make a nice runner’s knot. As on the Matumbo, there is also a hole in the heel to better lock in the rear of the foot.

For athletes who are tired of seeing their laces come undone For those who have experienced the slippage or frustration of laces coming undone while running, the Dragonfly’s notched laces are one of the many details that make this cleat appealing . The Nike ZoomX Dragonfly’s longer laces provide ample length to lace up your toes using the Runner’s Knot, a technique that locks your foot down and prevents it from sliding forward.

The Dragonfly also retains the Matumbo hole for heel lock. However, several athletes have noted that the tongue tends to straighten when tightening the laces, which is inconvenient.

Traction and durability

The outsole of the Dragonfly features a ribbed design that Nike created to improve traction. Additionally, the heel pattern provides excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor trails. It also reduces the overall weight of the crampon.

Although the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly does not have a carbon fiber plate to facilitate the stride, its Pebax plate provides the stability necessary for optimal efficiency. Additionally, Nike added a thin layer of CMP foam under the heel in addition to ZoomX foam for added durability.

Design & design

The Flymesh upper of the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is seamless, breathable and super lightweight. While there’s plenty of room for a wide foot, the Dragonfly isn’t as roomy as some of its competitors.

The majority of testers note that the Dragonfly is true to the advertised size. However, a few people still recommend going up a size to get a good fit.

Value for money

The Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is a bit pricey for a pair of spikes. However, runners agree that the quality and performance of the shoe more than justifies its price.


With its clean look and soft feel, the ZoomX Dragonfly has performed miracles in track competition. By combining its star ZoomX foam with quality spikes, Nike has developed an elite shoe for all distances.

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