Nike Zoom Fly 4 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole8mm
Sole thickness (heel)39mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)31mm
Weight (men’s model)272g
Weight (female model)232g
The well-fitting and comfortable Flyknit upper that offers good supportLack of versatility (not ideal for low gaits)
Effective cushioningNarrow fit
Good durability of the sole, even over long distances
nice design
More affordable than carbon shoes for competition


The Nike Zoom Fly 4 presents itself as an ideal running shoe for running training . It allows you to prepare effectively for all distances and can even be used to compete, even if it is recommended to associate it with another pair. It pairs very well with another model of the brand, the Vaporfly Next 2.

Both of these running shoes are equipped with a carbon fiber plate and display a rocker sole designwith astonishing racing sensations. When passing the midfoot forward, there is a kind of drop. It seems to tip over. This is what makes them so effective for interval training.

At the midsole level, the Nike Zoom Fly 4 offers React foam which results in a firm and dense feeling . This durable sole, which is the same as the Nike Zoom Fly 3, isn’t the most comfortable on long-distance runs, although it can handle a marathon very easily.

The new Flyknit upper is the main improvement of this new model. The mesh is light and breathable for comfortable foot support. However, very narrow, this upper is not ideal for wide feet.

Overall, the Nike Zoom Fly 4 is suitable for runners and runners looking for a model for their tempo-type speed training. If you don’t want to invest in a Vaporfly type shoe, this is a good, more affordable alternative .


New version of the Zoom Fly, created in 2017 to be the training companion of famous competition shoes like the Vaporfly , the Nike Zoom Fly 4 is not particularly revolutionary in that, even if this running shoe is in gestation for two years, it does not change much to the previous model, the Zoom Fly 3.

It retains the same midsole and its carbon fiber plate. The main change concerns the new Flyknit mesh upper which makes the fit even more comfortable and secure.

Although it is not a very light shoe, it has undeniable advantagesfor speed sessions. Let’s see the key points that make it a shoe of choice for training and an alternative to consider for certain competitions.

Cushioning (midsole)

The cushioning of the Zoom Fly 4 is excellent, even over long distances. The React foam midsole is the same found on the previous model, the Zoom Fly 3. However, despite the thickness of the sole (39mm under the heel, 31mm under the forefoot ), the feeling is rather firm . This may not be suitable for everyone, especially for long rides.

On the other hand, the React foam is less bouncy than on other Nike models dedicated to running but it is more resistant .

Luckily, the carbon plate and rocker configuration help energize your stride. Thus, many runners report a “jumping” sensation . It is this innovative configuration that allows the shoe to fulfill its role as a springboard and accelerator if you run at a fast pace. We find the same configuration on other new generation shoes like the Saucony Endorphin Speed .

Still, some testers note that the shoe can feel unstable during midfoot forward transitions. This is particularly the case at slower speedswhere the shoe requires increased attention so as not to lose its balance.

Foot support (upper)

This is new to the Zoom Fly 4. It features a modified upper that literally transforms the shoe. This upper, constructed in the form of a bootie, features a soft and lightweight Flyknit mesh . Runners find this one much more comfortable than the previous model’s Vaporweave.

Made in two layers, this upper is porous and breathable . It is partly made of Flyknit, a fairly dense knit that reinforces areas where friction is high, such as the heel. This upper is nicer than previous versions, but still doesn’t fit wide feet due to its sparse toe box.

In addition, Flywire cables , located in the midfoot, provide more support. A soft cushion is added at the level of the heel in order to ideally maintain the Achilles tendon and to avoid any slipping of the heel.

For some testers, this upper is one of the best ever created by Nike. It easily compensates for the weight of this shoe, which is a little higher than the previous model. With its 272 g for the men’s model and 232 g for the women’s version, it is about average for a “trainer”.

Adhesion and durability

The sole found on the outside of the Nike Zoom Fly 4 features excellent rubber placement . The entire forefoot is covered as well as the sides of the rearfoot with longitudinal bands.

Some of the dense foam in the React sole is exposed but it is very durable and does not fear chips or scrapes. The rubber on the outsole is unfortunately not as strong and can wear out quite quickly according to some runners.

This sole is quite flat and does not have deep flex grooves. Wet gripis therefore not good and most testers even advise against using this shoe on paths and trails. For them, it is only suitable on dry roads.

Racing feeling

The Zoom Fly 4 testers say it, these running shoes are interesting for training on the road. The React foam combined with the rocker design with carbon plate gives the feeling of going forward and promotes a springboard feeling well . They provide a more efficient stride with good energy return , at least during fast paces, because at slow speeds they are a little unstable and less comfortable.

The cushioning of these shoes is very good, even over long distances such as the marathon. However, as we mentioned before, the feeling is a little firm due to the dense React foam and the rather rigid carbon plate. This firmness may not be suitable for all runners during long training sessions. The calves, subjected to many jolts, can harden a little.

Heel-to-toe transitions are not always smooth . At low speeds , runners note that the carbon plate results in an unpleasant roll, with the feeling that the foot slips into the shoe or hits like on wood. These shoes are suitable for fast or tempo

workouts . Not very versatile , they are not the best for those who want to do quiet outings such as recovery sessions.


The Nike Zoom Fly 4 is a good shoe for daily training with carbon plate. Like Saucony and its Endorphin range, Nike wants to offer an array of models for all situations.

In this case, the tests reveal that the shoe suffers from a lack of versatility : its good cushioning (but firm) shines above all when you go fast . At low speed, the transitions are sluggish or even unstable.

This new version, long awaited since v3, shines above all for its innovative upper that many have found very comfortable.

It can, without question, accompany different types of runners and runners in their training at high speed and over significant distances. Those with wide feet should avoid it, however, as should those who are a bit heavy. This shoe is not among the lightest and its hardness can be an issue in this case.

With its sleek design and its quite interesting performance, it can also be considered as a competition shoe for the full half or full marathon. Despite its firm platform, it does not fear the kilometers and is effective from start to finish.

Finally, despite its relatively high price, it remains one of the most affordable carbon running shoes of the moment.

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