Nike Quest 4 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the solemm
Sole thickness (heel)mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)mm
Weight (men’s model)g
Weight (female model)g
A breathable upperA few testers are noticing some stability and support fit issues
Durable outer rubberA little heavier than its direct competitors (about 30 g)
An elegant and pleasant design
Good support
A beautiful lightness
An affordable price


The Nike Quest 4 running shoe is quite an amazing trainer. It has a neat look and  is not very expensive . Its midsole is thicker than on a pair of Quest 3, but remains, for many testers,  too rigid . Its  10 mm drop  is an advantage for beginners who tend to heel. Thanks to him, the cushioning is more comfortable.

The Quest 4’s outsole is rubber. The rubber used is resistant. It pairs with 1.9mm lugs that allow it to launch on dirt roads or shoulders. This sole seems  durable .

The upper, like the toe box, is generally wide. This changes from the other models of the brand which tend to be a little narrow. This upper is  pretty and breathable . The  Flywire technology lacing  adds a plus, as it promotes good foot lock-in.

The sensations on board this Quest 4 are mixed. Seasoned runners find it  a little too rigid and not very flexible , especially in cold weather. However, they recognize him as having good versatility. They believe it is well suited to entry-level athletes or those looking for a  one-size-fits-all shoe on a budget .


The Nike Quest 4 takes up the codes of the 3. It’s a shoe that was a real hit when it was released, because it offered good support and super durability. Version 4 does not deny its origins. It improves them. According to those who have tried it, the Quest 4 offers better cushioning for an even better price. What is it really ? We attempt to answer this question in the following.


The Nike Quest 4 running shoes seem a bit more cushioned than a pair of Quest 3. The Quest 4’s midsole is equipped with a  textured foam . This more comfortable foam resists better in certain strategic places. The drop of this sole is relatively high because it amounts to 10 mm.

This configuration is interesting for runners who are new to or favor a heel strike . More seasoned runners, among those who have tested these running shoes, note however that they remain too stiff for them. The feeling under the foot  lacks flexibility.

For them, the Nike Quest 4 can be used for daily training. They are mainly aimed at those looking for correct cushioning on short-distance running races. They note that, on long journeys, they become much harder and less comfortable.

Foot support (upper)

The upper of the Quest 4 running shoes is definitely one of the highlights of these trainers. This upper is  very light . It has a  particularly breathable mesh  at the forefoot. The fit is nice.

Flywire lacing technology is featured on this upper. It is visible through a translucent window, installed at the level of the midfoot. The cables that we can then see allow  perfect tightening of the laces  and  good locking of the foot .

The toe box widens. This is rather a good point for this model from Nike. It can thus address runners who have stronger feet. It is suitable for thin or normal feet. The larger ones always feel cramped.

The Nike Quest 4 running shoes weigh  260 grams  for an average men’s size. They are on the border between standard and lightweight. That’s a feat for running shoes offered at such an affordable price.

Adhesion and durability

The outsole of the Nike Quest No. 4 running shoe features  durable rubber . It incorporates an essential characteristic of the previous model, appreciated for its longevity, even in intensive use.

A rolling rail is added to the side edge of this sole. Its presence provides additional cushioning and better durability for runners with a neutral stride.

The dense rubber of this sole is equipped with  small studs . They give it  excellent grip on the road , but are also great on paths or gravel. They make this shoe a bit more versatile.

The sole of the Nike Quest 4 running shoes feels quite flexible when the weather is good. Some tests nevertheless show that, in cold weather, it becomes  excessively rigid  and much less pleasant.

Running sensations

For testers, the Nike Quest No. 4 running shoes are good value-priced trainers. They have a crazy look and an  elegant design . Performance-wise, they feel these are a bit of a crude shoe. They offer decent damping for  short strokes , but rebound and roll are not very pronounced.

The  energy return is not great  and the transitions can sometimes  lack fluidity , especially when running in cold weather.


For those who have tested them, the Nike Quest No. 4 are good pairs of running shoes for those who are just starting out. They work well for those with a neutral stride and high heels. Their significant drop ensures good damping at this level. For them, they are not made for long runs or speed training. They quickly find their limits.

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