Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)30mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)20mm
Weight (men’s model)292g
Weight (female model)252g
Soft and comfortable cushioningLack of dynamic running
Stable designWeight that does not change and remains high (292 g)
Solid shoe
New, more flexible upper
Good all-rounder overall


Although it is a universal shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 has a long tradition of stability that dates back to the origins of the collection. This new version takes up the configuration of the 15 with a better upper .

In terms of cushioning, we find the combination of ZoomX foam and Air Zoom pocket under the forefoot. The feel is soft underfoot, although some testers note that the cushioning is a bit light under the toes. Overall, the Vomero 16 is still suitable for long outings . The race is not very dynamic but comfortable and stable. The sole does30mm under the heel with a 10mm drop.

The new upper is more flexible for a relaxed and comfortable foot support. Bands on each side of the foot balance this flexibility. Similarly, there is a plastic clip at the base of the heel to help stabilize the foot while running. The new tongue is padded and stays in place. The testers note that it is one of the most comfortable footwear they have tested.

Finally, the Vomero 16 stands out for its outsole entirely covered in abrasion-resistant rubber which gives it great solidity and good traction .

In summary, if you liked the Vomero 15, you’ll love the 16. It occupies an important position in the Nike lineup by being softer than the Pegasus and more stable than the Invincible Run. It is a good choice for athletes looking for a stable and solid shoe for daily training.


Formerly part of Nike’s stability range (for pronators), the Vomero has positioned itself for several years as a universal shoe offering good stability .

Its other major notable points are its durability and its powerful chassis, which is particularly suitable for large riders .

So, what does this version 16 (2021) have in store for us? In appearance, the changes are modest compared to version 15 but there are still some significant changes. Explanations.


The midsole remains almost identical to that of the previous model. It features Nike’s super foam, ZoomX , complete with a Zoom Air pocket under the forefoot.

The sole is 30 mm thick under the heel and 20 mm under the toes (the drop is therefore 10 mm ). Taking into account the insole we rather reach 33 mm / 23 mm. The most important thing is to know that it is one of the most cushioned shoes from Nike.

The feeling under the foot is soft overall. The foam is comfortable and gives good shock absorption. Unlike the Pegasus which uses Zoom Air for more rebound, the Vomero uses it for more cushioning .

However, some testers note that the forefoot is less cushioned than the heel which may not be comfortable for everyone.

Finally, note that the platform is wide and therefore rather stable . This is quite rare with soft cushioning and is therefore worth pointing out!

Foot support (upper)

This is the part of the Vomero 16 that changes the most compared to the previous model. There is a technical mesh but, according to the testers, it is much softer in contact with the foot.

On the other hand, the tongue is padded for more comfort on top of the foot. The collar is also thick but testers note that it’s not as plush as it looks.

Overall, runners note that support is all about comfort rather than performance. Clearly, without being risky, the upper is flexible and soft to leave good freedom to the foot.

Then, although the Vomero is officially a universal shoe, it keeps an inherently stable configuration, inherited from the first versions.

Thus, there is a plastic frame at the base of the internal buttress. Its purpose is to better wedge the foot to stabilize the runner’s stride when running. At the level of the midfoot there are also lateral bands to better guide and maintain the foot in the shoe; and therefore increase stability.

Adhesion and durability

This is one of the main strengths of the Air Zoom Vomero: its durability . For this, Nike does not skimp on the resistant rubber (the entire sole is covered with it).

This configuration does not help in terms of weight: the shoe weighs 292 g (like last year, except for a few grams). Without being catastrophic, we cannot say that it is a light shoe either!

According to the testers, this rugged setup helps rack up the miles. Even after 100 km, the sole remains intact as if you had just taken it out of its box. This therefore makes it a good value for money, provided you find the shoe on sale because the base price of 150 euros stings a bit.

Finally, the traction is also there and is very good, both on dry and wet surfaces .

Racing feeling

Let’s say it right away, the Nike Vomero 16 is far from being the most dynamic shoe in the Nike collection. Comfortable ? Yes. Steady ? Certainly. Gentle ? Instead. Thus, it offers a constant and efficient

stroke , ideal for long rides and classic daily training . Its generous cushioning allows you to go far at a moderate pace. Testers also recommend it for recovery rides .


The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 is a good running shoe that provides a stable and smooth ride for long distances and daily outings.

Without being the most exciting shoe from Nike, it is one of the most reliable and comfortable thanks to its robust and flexible design.

Not convinced? Take a look at our comparisons to find out if another model is more suitable for you.

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