Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole8mm
Sole thickness (heel)27mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)19mm
Weight (men’s model)312g
Weight (female model)256g
Versatile shoe from jogging to long outingDoesn’t seem too suitable for speed sessions
Very comfortable cushioningLittle change from the previous model
Good foot supportSlightly heavier
Sole resistant to long mileage


The Nike Air Zoom Structure is a versatile and comfortable road shoe. Its new cushioning is softer but still gives you as much stability . If you’re headed out for a recovery run or a long run, now’s a good time to break out the Nike Air Zoom Structure 24. These shoes are great for running paces and love the miles.

Except that it has gained a little weight (it now weighs more than 300 g all the same) compared to last year, during the race it remains pleasant and keeps this dear stability without being too rigid.

It is an interesting option for long-distance runners looking for stability. You will spend pleasant moments one-on-one with this new training partner who will bring you a little more stability in your life as a runner.


The Air Zoom Structure Nike running shoe has a story of its own. Previous models were quite firm and rigid, if not too much. Since the Air Zoom Structure 23, this shoe has taken another direction: much more cushioning and flexibility.

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 combines comfort and design. Offering good support, so it’s a great shoe if you need stability. Long run or tempo run? It is versatile and can accompany you for different types of training. This shoe can potentially help your stride stay strong and stable.

If there was only one word to define this shoe it would be: balance. The perfect balance between support and stability. Few notable changes from the previous model. The midsole and outsole are the same as last year but the upper changes. Let’s see this new version together!


No major change to note on the side of the midsole. Although the Air Zoom Structure 24 running shoe is not as stable as previous models due to its softer midsole. Indeed, the midsole is more cushioned, which does not suit all testers.

Let’s talk technology. The Air Zoom Structure 24 Nike running shoe is one of the only Nike shoes to use CMP 010 foam in its midsole. Runners who have tested it find this EVA foam softer and more spongy than React foam (more dense and rubbery). A small Zoom Air unit in the forefoot sits only under the ball of the foot and does not cover the entire forefoot. The Zoom Air unit in the front provides a slight boost under the toes for a more dynamic run.

Its wide base and midsole constructed on the medial side prevents excessive inward rolling of the ankle, ideal for slightly pronator runners.

The cushioning is balanced, neither too soft nor too firm. The testers therefore recommend this shoe mainly for medium to long distance races (half-marathon to marathon). They also confided that they had good feelings on the typical sessions of tempo gaits. The 8 mm drop is comfortable for this type of distance.

Foot support (upper)

The new upper of the Air Zoom Structure 24 shoe is comfortable with good foot support in the shoe. Forefoot and midfoot fit is true to size. They adapt well to wide feet.

This shoe is very comfortable: the heel is soft and keeps the foot firmly in place in the shoe, which helps to provide excellent support. The upper of the Structure 24 running shoe features maximum cushioning. The testers particularly noticed this in the heel area. Some appreciated this feeling of comfort and additional protection. Others find the padding excessive and would prefer a lighter shoe.

Indeed, with about 23 grams more than the previous model, the Structure 23 is clearly heavier and therefore does not go in the right direction. It now weighs 312 g for men and 256 g for women.

We therefore hope that the next model will do better at this level.

Adhesion and durability

The Structure 24’s outsole features hard carbon rubber on its heel and softer blown rubber on its midfoot and forefoot. Blown rubber provides increased abrasion resistance and optimal traction. The Structure 24’s outsole rubber is thick enough to keep you going for hundreds of miles! It is currently one of the strongest options in the Nike lineup.

Grip is excellent on all types of terrain in both wet and dry conditions as the blown rubber in the midfoot and forefoot is softer than other types of rubber used by Nike.

The Structure 24 has 3 flex grooves on its forefoot that energize the roll of the foot to make you gain speed. A large teardrop-shaped cavity under its heel saves some weight and increases heel cushioning.

Racing feeling

During the test, the runners were able to put on and thus compare the two latest versions (Air Zoom Structure 23 and 24), one on each foot. They were unable to tell the difference, the resemblance was so striking. Almost the same feeling!

The ride is pleasant without being firm or stiff. According to the testers, it’s not the best shoe if you have a speed session to do. They reported that they felt the shoe was a bit heavy and the forefoot wasn’t stiff enough for a speed shoe (too flexible).

Its traditional configuration allows it to be used on many types of sessions. It can be used for your daily training, recovery runs or long runs.


The Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 running shoe is suitable for beginners and advanced alike. For beginners, it will be a shoe you can rely on for all types of training.

For the more experienced, it will be a reliable and robust shoe for your long outings. Certainly, you will not beat your best time over 5 km or 10 km with these shoes (whatever…). On the other hand, they are ideal over medium and long distances (half-marathon and marathon) for those looking for comfort and stability.

The Air Zoom Structure 24 looks very similar to last year’s model, so if you want to save a little money you can very well turn to the Structure 23.

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