Nike ZoomX Zegama Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole4mm
Sole thickness (heel)37mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)33mm
Weight (men’s model)289g
Weight (female model)265g
Great general comfortSlippery on wet rocks
Just enough bounce and energy return to be fun on most coursesThe toe box is not very strong
Stretchy, comfortable and breathable upperComplicated laces that take practice to find the perfect fit
Perfect for dry terrain


Nike chose to call its new Zegama trail shoes after a famous race in Spain. It’s a strong signal to experienced trail runners that the brand is serious and wants to offer a technical model. However, the Nike Zegama Trail seems above all a shoe that relies on comfort and dynamism on dry and moderately technical trails . Despite this contradiction, this trail shoe appears to be an interesting option for all ultra long-distance runners .

This is the first time that the American brand has used its famous ZoomX foam for trail shoes and it’s a success! The cushioning provides good shock absorption without making the shoe too bulky. There’s a lively, fun bounce that’s stable enough to feel secure on slopes.

Like other Nike shoes, these shoes are beautiful and comfortable to wear . The new outsole lug pattern provides grip uphill and downhill on dry surfaces, but struggles more in mud . Fortunately, the impeccable foot support compensates a little for this. The mesh uses a stretchy and comfortable material with a relatively roomy toe box .

Overall, the new Nike ZoomX Zegama collection is a big hit: bouncy yet stable, flexible yet durable. It is a perfect choice for ultras and long outings provided you avoid overly technical courses.


If running in the same trail shoes as Zegama Aizkorri ( 1 ) winner and Munich 2022 European Marathon Championship bronze medalist Nienke Brinkmann ( 2 ) is your dream, then it’s about to come true . This new trail running shoe, launched this summer, arrives fresh after extensive testing in Chamonix by the Nike Trail team, including Golden Trail Series stars Nienke and Francesco Puppi ( 3 )

Designed for longer runs in mostly accessible, dry terrain, the Zegama is a delight both visually and underfoot. Using ZoomX foam makes the difference in comfort and rebound.

However, does the Nike Zegama live up to the expectations it raises? Is it really the Nike Alphafly of the trail? How does it perform on more technical terrain, and does it go the distance? Read our in-depth analysis to find out.

Grip (outsole)

Let’s start with the negative. The Achilles heel of the Nike ZoomX Zegama trail shoe is grip on wet rocky terrain and mud. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Terra Kiger, this is one of the Swoosh dot brand’s weak points for their trail models.

Despite using an all- new 4-5mm lug design , the outsole is effective on dry terrain like dirt roads but struggles in wet conditions.

The rubber is slippery on wet rocks in particular.

Thus, even if the Zegama is flawless uphill and downhill on moderately technical trails, it shows its limits beyond. It is therefore an important point to keep in mind and to evaluate in relation to your practice.

Cushioning (midsole)

This is where the ZoomX Zegama really shines. It uses the ZoomX star foam which has already proven itself on the road in the Vaporfly in particular.

This construction allows for a soft and bouncy cushioned trail experience . However, ZoomX is not full length which makes the cushioning less plush on a road model like the Invincible Run. Anyway, the comfort offered should satisfy the vast majority of trail runners.

At first glance, one would expect this trail shoe to be quite heavy, given its chunky design and very thick sole (37mm at the heel, 33mm at the toe – low drop of 4mm) .

Fortunately, ZoomX is a gem of technology and offers comfort and energy return without weighing down this model considerably. With 289 g for men (265 g for women), the weight remains reasonable. We are below a Hoka Speedgoat 5, for example.

Clearly, you can easily use this shoe for your long outings and competitions of more than 50 km.

Foot support (upper)

The stem of the Zegama is its other strong point. Soft mesh provides optimal breathability, keeping your feet dry and cool in hot weather. In addition, the shoe adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot while wedging it securely.

The extendable collar in the form of a mini-gaiter is also practical and pleasant. It is reminiscent of the Wildhorse and offers good protection to prevent dirt from entering the shoe.

Then, the rigid heel counter wedges the heel perfectly to prevent slipping.

Be careful though: like the Terra Kiger 8, this Zegama requires tight lacing for ideal support. It’s a bit difficult at first but you quickly get used to it!

Finally, the toe box is spacious and quite high, which gives the toes more room to move and breathe. However, it is not as strong as other similar shoes. It will therefore be necessary to avoid hitting the stones and the roots if possible!

Racing feeling

The Nike ZoomX Zegama trail is one of the most comfortable trail shoes among the releases of the year. The adapted ZoomX cushioning allows you to tackle long routes in comfort and with good stability.

In addition, its rebound makes it suitable for faster paces or even competitions.

Overall, the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail is a go-to shoe for long distances that balances comfort and performance.


Testers who have been able to test the Nike ZoomX Zegama on long rides and races (up to 100 km) say that they are more robust shoes than other equivalent models like the Hoka Torrent 2.

Moreover, in addition to the thick foam sole, there is a thin protective plate (rock plate) visible under the forefoot. This offers more structure for better impact resistance while effectively protecting your feet from obstacles.

As for the upper, its flexible and stretchy nature makes it more likely to last a long time.


The Nike Zegama represents a new milestone for the American brand in its trail running universe with the use of ZoomX foam. This configuration makes it an amazing shoe for running comfortably and fast on moderate level trails.

Of course, we can blame it for not being sharp enough for tough routes, but trail running is such a versatile practice that it’s difficult to do everything with a single pair of shoes. The niche of the Zegama is long distance with little technical difficulty. Difficult to do better than it in terms of comfort and responsiveness for this.

We can’t wait to see what Nike will offer as a second version next year! If they can improve traction, then the Zegama could become one of the best trail shoes in any category.

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