Asics Jolt 2 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)22mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)12mm
Weight (men’s model)289g
Weight (female model)239g
Good level of comfort overallWeight a little high compared to the thickness of the sole
Effective cushioningDurability issues according to several runners
Upper that supports the foot pleasantly
Minimum price


The Asics Jolt 2 is an entry-level shoe from the Japanese brand. It has a 22 mm thick sole under the heel with a drop of 10 mm. Its configuration could not be more classic and simple with a rubber sole on the outside and EVA foam on the inside. Price obliges, the Jolt 2 does without the flagship technologies of Asics but that does not mean that it is not comfortable. According to the testers, it indeed offers pleasant cushioning while the upper supports the foot effectively. It is also well ventilated and allows the skin to breathe. However, it does seem to have quality issues with several runners complaining of premature sole wear after only a few weeks of use. On the other hand, without being heavy, we would have liked the shoe to be a little lighter given the relative thinness of its sole. In summary, the Asics Jolt 2 is a good road shoe at a mini price which offers comfort and simplicity but which we would like to be more resistant.



  • First, there is rubber on the outsole of the Asics Jolt 2 shoe. This is specially designed to ensure maximum resistance to wear. This technology provides effective traction on urban surfaces even in bad weather to prevent accidental slipping.
  • In addition, the outsole also features flex grooves that provide a greater range of motion for your foot by allowing the sole to bend easily. The expected result is a smoother ride for greater comfort.
  • Finally, the geometric design of the sole with its square and triangular shapes of different depths increases traction on urban surfaces.


  • The midsole uses EVA foam to provide comfortable cushioning for your foot. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a material renowned for its lightness and natural cushioning and is used in many running shoes. It ensures that the shocks are dispersed at the moment of impact during the race for greater comfort. We also note that this technology promotes an ideal rebound to breathe dynamism into the race.
  • Finally, there is an insole that matches the anatomy of the foot and completes the cushioning of the shoe.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Asics Jolt 2 results in an open-textured mesh . This configuration provides snug foot support and lets it breathe during training.
  • In addition, the synthetic reinforcement layers improve the support of the foot as well as the structure of the upper for greater durability.
  • On the other hand, the reflective elements allow 360 degree visibility even in low light conditions for added safety.
  • Finally, the lightly padded tongue and collar improve the comfort of the shoe by comfortably securing the foot in place in the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do the Asics Jolt 2 fit?

This road shoe uses a classic sizing system. Thus, it must correspond to the announced size. So you can choose your usual size for sports shoes. However, if this is your first Asics model, a visit to the store is wise to choose the most comfortable size possible.

Is this shoe suitable for pronator runners?

This is a shoe for universal stride. Thus, it is designed to suit all users regardless of their stride. It therefore does not display any special aid to better balance the stride and avoid supination or pronation. Remember here that in all cases shoes for pronators are no more effective than universal shoes in limiting the risk of injury (see our article on the subject). We therefore recommend selecting your running shoes according to their comfort. Indeed, this is the most important criterion. So you can opt for this model whatever your stride, as long as it is comfortable.

Is this road model suitable for heavy athletes (85 kg or more)?

Only one study so far has looked at the link between sole thickness, injury risk and weight. According to the findings of this one, minimalist shoes can increase the risk of injury for athletes with a weight of more than 71 kilos. Other than that, there are no tips for other types of running shoes. The Jolt 2 has a mid-thickness sole with 22mm under the heel, so it should suit whatever size you are.

Can you run a half marathon or a marathon with these shoes?

This Asics road shoe is very suitable for different types of distances and training. You can therefore wear it during your daily outings, whether you are working on speed or distance. Regarding the marathon, there is no notable indication. If you find this shoe comfortable on your long rides then they should be a good choice. It should be noted, however, that this shoe is an entry-level model and is therefore more spartan and a little less solid than the more expensive classic models.

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