Asics GT 2000 8 Review

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Type of supportPronator (stability)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)29mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)19mm
Weight (men’s model)295g
Weight (female model)241g
Good general comfortSlightly stiff platform under the heel
Comfortable cushioningShoe a little woozy when training at a low pace
Solid model
Comfortable upper


The Asics GT 2000 8 is a popular model for pronators. Thus, it aims to stabilize the stride and avoid excessive pronation of the foot. Reminder of the point of view of science on the subject: overpronation slightly increases the risk of injury. However, the effectiveness of pronator shoes over universal stride shoes is unproven. Thus, it is above all necessary to rely on comfort, the most important criterion when choosing a new pair of running shoes. At this level, the Asics GT 2000 does quite well with cushioning that combines the brand’s best cushioning technologies: FlyteFoam, Solyte and Gel. The sole is 7 mm thicker than the previous model and now reaches 29 mm under the heel with a standard drop of 10 mm. However, the cushioning is rather firm overall, an opinion validated by many runners. The weight remains reasonable although the shoe seems quite bulky. It weighs 296 grams for men and 244 grams for women, which is similar to its main competitor: theSaucony Guide 13 . As for the upper, it offers a comfortable, snug and firm support without being rigid. This model will therefore particularly appeal to runners who prefer strict foot support. On the downside, several runners note that the part of the sole under the heel is too rigid and that the shoe is not very pleasant at low speed. In summary, the Asics GT 2000 8 is a good pronator road shoe that offers generous, firm cushioning and snug foot support.



  • The outsole of the Asics Asics GT 2000 8 uses AHARPLUS ( AHAR+) in the heel. This is a carbon rubber protective layer that allows the shoe to resist bitumen abrasion. Thus, it improves the durability of the shoe. The area under the heel is particularly susceptible to rapid wear. Indeed, this is the part on which the majority of runners cushion their foot.
  • In addition, the AHAR rubber equips the front part of the sole under the metatarsals. More flexible than the AHAR+, it offers good flexibility to the shoe to allow it to follow the movements of the runner’s foot. This particularity is particularly important at the time of the thrust, when the runner propels himself.
  • Finally, the horizontal flex grooves (Flex Grooves) also improve the flexibility of the outsole.


  • This pronator shoe uses FlyteFoam in the midsole. This cushioning technology results in a material based on EVA and super organic fibers along the entire length of the shoe. It offers light and comfortable cushioning that should maximize energy return for a dynamic stride.
  • In addition, there is the famous GEL technology under the heel and under the forefoot to effectively absorb shock when the foot comes into contact with the ground and facilitate the transition from heel to toe. GEL translates to silicone-based pads.
  • On the other hand, the Dynamic DuoMax and Trusstic technologies aim to stabilize the foot to avoid excessive pronation or supination of the foot. The former is like a firm foam unit while the latter translates to an upper meant to give structure to the platform.
  • In addition, note that the cushioning under the forefoot also uses Solyte foam and that it is slightly different on the women’s model compared to the men’s version.
  • Finally, a molded EVA foam insole completes the cushioning of the shoe. It is antibacterial to keep the inside of the shoe healthy and prevent bad odors.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Asics GT 2000 8 uses a multidirectional technical mesh . Thus, it wraps the foot comfortably while being slightly stretchy to adapt to its movements. The support is adjusted without being too strict. In addition, the upper is well ventilated to keep the foot cool and dry throughout the effort.
  • The Heel Clutching System also improves support in the heel by locking the foot comfortably, which also helps stabilize the stride for pronators.
  • This model also uses a classic lacing system .
  • Finally, the tongue and the collar are lightly padded for more comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big is the Asics GT 2000 8?

This stability model (for pronator) follows a classic size system and should therefore be faithful to the advertised size. However, several runners noted that this shoe ran slightly small and had to go up a size. We therefore recommend that you try this model in store, if possible, to be on the safe side.

Is the Asics GT 2000 8 suitable for pronators?

This shoe is a road model designed especially for pronators. It must therefore be particularly suitable for runners who display an excessively pronating stride. However, there is currently no scientific evidence showing that shoes for pronators are more effective than universal shoes in reducing the risk of injury (see our article on the subject ). In any case, we always recommend choosing comfortable shoes, which is the most important thing (see our article: 5 Tips for choosing the right running shoes ). So, you can opt for this model if it proves to be comfortable, even if your stride does not show signs of overpronation.

Is this shoe suitable for heavy runners (85 kg or more)?

This is a question that often comes up because of the advice of certain stores. Indeed, they sometimes recommend running shoes with generous cushioning for heavy runners. Nevertheless, as explained in our article “Should we take our weight into account when choosing our running shoes? », these recommendations are largely unfounded. Indeed, only one study to our knowledge has observed the relationship between weight, the type of shoes worn and the risk of injury. This study concluded that minimalist shoes may increase the risk of injury for runners over 71 kg. Other than that, there are no conclusions for more classic shoes (ie with standard cushioning). Thus, in the absence of scientific evidence, we can conclude that the GT 2000 8 is not contraindicated for heavy runners. In any case, the GT 2000 8 displays generous cushioning with a thickness of 29 mm under the heel, which is in the high range.

Can you run a half marathon or even a marathon with these shoes?

This Asics road model is suitable for all different types of training and distances. This shoe will therefore be very suitable for your daily sessions of varied rhythms. However, it should be noted that several runners found the shoe a little soft when the running pace was low. As for the half-marathon (or even the marathon), there is no particular contraindication. If you can run 10 km with these shoes, there’s no reason they can’t take you to the marathon!

Where are these shoes made?

The Asics GT 2008 8 are made in Vietnam.

What is the difference between the 2000 and 1000 models from Asics?

These two model ranges are for pronators. However, the 2000 shoes offer more overpronation correction than the 1000 models.

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