Asics Gel Pulse 13 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)23mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)13mm
Weight (men’s model)300g
Weight (female model)250g
Good comfortLook a bit basic
Effective foot supportAbsence of AHAR rubber
Relatively strongStill a bit heavy
Pleasant cushioning
Affordable price


The Asics Gel Pulse 13 is an entry/mid-range shoe that offers a simple, efficient and robust configuration. We find the quality and comfort of the Japanese brand in a no-frills and functional version .

This version 13 shows few changes: we find the Amplifoam foam combined with a silicone GEL unit for pleasant shock absorption during the race. Without being very dynamic, the Gel Pulse 13 provides an efficient run for everyday outings.

Shaft provides precise supportalthough the technical mesh can be a bit thick for some people. The weight of the shoe remains high with 300 g for the men’s version. Also, the outsole loses its premium AHAR rubber in favor of a more generic rubber. The impact on durability seems minimal but to be monitored all the same!

In summary, the Asics Gel Pulse 13 is a good running shoe that delivers what it promises: reliable and comfortable running at a reasonable price.


Do we take the same one and start over? This is basically what we can say at first sight. The Asics Gel Pulse 13 was launched without fanfare and carries over the main points of the Pulse 12.

You should know that the Gel Pulse is one of the most popular shoes in the Asics range due to its very affordable price and and of its good comfort . Admittedly, it’s not the most “stylish” shoe from the Japanese brand, but it has its advantages.

In this article, we’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of this running shoe to help you decide if it’s right for you. Let’s go!


We cannot qualify it as thin but it is clear that it is not thick either: the sole is 23 mm high under the heel and 13 mm under the front of the foot, i.e. a drop of 10 mm . However, these are the official data. In practice, the internal comfort sole raises the whole. We are therefore closer to 28-30 mm.

What is important in the end is the comfort of this configuration. In this case, the testers note that the feeling under the foot during the run is pleasant . The shoe absorbs impacts well.

The Asics Gel Pulse 13 uses an entry-level foam: Amplifoam. It’s a pretty simple matter . However, testers note that it holds the length well.

More “premium”, there is a GEL unit which also helps to ensure good comfort, especially when the foot comes into contact with the ground.

Nothing revolutionary then, but even at this price we find the know-how of Asics in this simple and effective design .

Foot support (upper)

Again, there are few changes compared to the Gel Pulse 12. The upper displays a technical “jacquard” mesh to facilitate ventilation. You should know that it is rather thick which can cause problems in the summer if you live in a hot region. As you can see in the photo, the collar at the ankle is also thick. Foot support is very good

and leaves enough space for the toes in the toe box. It’s rare for Asics to offer ill-fitting shoes and that’s confirmed here.

The internal buttress is moderately flexible . Asics removed the hard shell from the first versions and, frankly, no one misses it!

Let’s move on to the design: unrefined and purely functional , it may not be to everyone’s taste. Some Asics customers have even returned their shoes because of this… You have been warned!

Finally, one last note on the weight: the shoe still weighs 300 g (men’s model). It loses a few grams but remains objectively a bit heavy . Unfortunately, this is often the case with entry-level shoes that use less innovative design and materials.

Adhesion and durability

Therein lies the main question mark for the Asics Gel Pulse 13: its rubber. It looks like Asics has decided to go with a generic material instead of relying on their famous AHAR (a heavy duty carbon rubber) once again.

We can imagine that it is a question of cost for the brand. It therefore remains to be seen the impact on the solidity and therefore the life of the shoe. The part under the midfoot has no rubber, it is the Amplifoam foam that is uncovered, without protection.

However, testers haven’t noticed any premature wear so far. It will therefore be necessary to see the evolution after 300 km and beyond.

Finally, runners appreciated the shoe’s good traction. It holds up well, even in the rain.

Racing feeling

Let’s say it right away, the Asics Gel Pulse 13 is not a racing beast. It is a relatively versatile shoe that lends itself above all to everyday training.

Without being flabby, the rebound of these shoes is limited which can make them sluggish for fast interval or fartlek type training. However, their good comfort allows them to accompany you during your long outings .

Overall, the Asics Gel Pulse 13 should be seen as a good shoe to start out on a budget or to use in rotation with other shoes for more experienced athletes.


The Asics Gel Pulse 13 is pretty much identical to the 12, minus the AHAR rubber (unfortunately).

It remains a good comfortable, solid and affordable shoe for daily training . A safer and easier choice for the wallet!

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