Asics Gel Pulse 12 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral
Inclination of the sole12mm
Sole thickness (heel)31mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)19mm
Weight (men’s model)312g
Weight (female model)255g
Good comfortTight foot support
Efficient and stable cushioningHeavy weight
Sturdy shoe that lasts
Affordable price


While the Nimbus dominates the top of the Japanese brand’s range, the Gel Pulse reigns supreme over the more affordable models. At 100 euros (base price, quickly reduced during promotional periods), it represents value for money that is hard to beat.

Indeed, its main asset is its ultra-resistant AHAR rubber outsole which easily lasts several hundred kilometres. The Gel Pulse is therefore ideal for daily training and especially long rides. Traction is also excellent, especially in wet weather, as noted by several testers.

The cushioning is more basic with AmpliFoam, the standard foam from Asics (no Flytefoam therefore), and a Gel pad under the heel. The result, without being breathtaking, is more than adequate for a comfortable run. On the other hand, the shoe is stable, which will reassure runners (pronators or not) who prefer a well-structured platform. However, this version 12 confirms the turn taken by the P11 with a thicker sole (31 mm under the heel) at the cost of a high weight: 312 g for men and 255 g for women.

The upper (or rather the fit of the shoe) is the main negative point: several runners found the Gel Pulse 12 to be too narrow. The previous model suffered from the same problem which has therefore not been corrected.

In summary, the Asics Gel Pulse 12 brings few changes compared to the 11th model which marked a profound change in the Gel Pulse range. We find a simple, robust, efficient and affordable configuration. A good choice for daily outings.



  • First, the outsole of the Asics Gel Pulse 12 uses AHAR Plus technology . It is a carbon rubber located under the heel that allows the shoe to better resist abrasion on the road. In addition, you can calmly approach the asphalt even when the weather is bad thanks to the breathtaking traction of the sole.
  • Next, AHAR technology is a softer version of AHAR Plus with a sponge-like texture to provide extra cushioning to the runner.


  • The midsole uses Amplifoam foam which provides soft cushioning but without the density of standard foam. Thus, it must keep its shape longer for shock absorption that lasts. In addition, this configuration is designed to ensure maximum responsiveness during the race.
  • Rearfoot Gel technology results in a silicone-based gel piece located under the heel. Its purpose is to provide a softer landing.
  • Next, the Guidance Line is a flex groove that gives the foot a greater range of motion by allowing the sole to bend easily.
  • Finally, the Ortholite insole is pleasant and conforms to the anatomy of the foot to complement the cushioning of the sole. In addition, it helps to wick away moisture inside the shoe.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Asics Gel Pulse 12 displays a technical mesh . It effectively supports the foot and offers good ventilation inside the shoe when the pace intensifies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big is the Asics Gel Pulse 12?

To date, we have not seen any comments from athletes warning that this shoe is unusually sizing. So you can choose your usual size for running sneakers. Nevertheless, if this is your first pair of Asics, a visit to the store may be wise to be sure to choose the most suitable size.

Is this model suitable for pronator runners?

Yes, because it is a shoe for neutral stride (also called universal). Thus, it is designed to adapt to all athletes regardless of their stride. It therefore does not display any specific correction to avoid overpronation. In any case, note that models for pronators are no more effective than neutral (universal) shoes in limiting the risk of injury (see our article on the subject). To put it simply, you can use this model whatever your stride, as long as it is comfortable.

Is this shoe suitable for heavy runners (80 kg or more)?

Yes, this model should suit whatever your morphology thanks to its generously thick sole (31 mm).

Can you run a half marathon or a marathon with this model?

This Asics road shoe is sturdy and comfortable with a rather thick sole, which makes it suitable for long distances. It is therefore a good option for the marathon even if its high weight does not predispose it to speed. If your goal is to snatch a record then a competition model would be more appropriate.

Is this shoe waterproof?

These shoes are available in two versions: standard and Gore-Tex (GTX). The classic version is designed to prevent small water infiltrations and to dry quickly thanks to its water-repellent treatment. The Gore-Tex version offers more advanced protection that keeps feet dry even in heavy downpours. However, it should be noted that the Gore-Tex version is more expensive, heavier and less well ventilated.

Comparisons – Asics Gel Pulse 12 vs:

Asics Gel Pulse 11

Asics has already made a major overhaul of the Pulse range in 2019 with the 11th model by increasing the thickness of the sole for more generous and more comfortable cushioning. The Pulse 12 remains in the same line with a similar configuration without many changes. Note that the drop is higher with 12 mm against 8 mm previously.

Asics Gel Nimbus 23

The Nimbus offers a similar configuration but more upscale. Thus, there is Flytefoam foam instead of Amplifoam and two Gel capsules instead of one. Overall, runners find the Nimbus more comfortable, especially thanks to its less narrow profile which better suits wider feet. There remains the price: the Nimbus costs 80 euros more than the Pulse. Is it really worth this difference? We do not think so.

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