Asics Gel Trabuco 9 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole8mm
Sole thickness (heel)34mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)26mm
Weight (men’s model)292g
Weight (female model)255g
Very comfortable and light trail shoeLack of heel support
Good dynamismFragile mesh on technical mountain or forest trails
Good grip on different surfaces such as muddy, slippery trails, rocks
Relatively light compared to the competition


The Asics Gel Trabuco 9 is a trail shoe that succeeds the Trabuco 8 by bringing more lightness and comfort. The runners who have tested it note a clear improvement compared to the previous version: better grip, better dynamism and greater protection. The testers also appreciate the (relative) lightness and comfort of this shoe.

The Gel Trabuco is distinguished by a good grip thanks to Asics Grip technology. This allows runners to practice trail running on all surfaces, even technical ones (in the mountains, for example, or in rainy weather), without slipping.

This trail shoe also has effective cushioning that offers good responsiveness thanks to FlyteFoam technology that allows you to run with a light and airy stride. Duomax technology provides stability . In addition, the rubber on the outer part is robust to protect the shoe without weighing it down too much (it weighs less than 300 g).

However, some runners note a lack of heel support . Indeed, the low upper provides a certain freedom but does not always hold the ankle well. In addition, the mesh is sometimes fragileon very technical mountain trails. These incidents can be isolated but in the case of this model, it seems to be a recurring problem, unfortunately.

In summary, the Asics Gel Trabuco 9 is a good all-around trail shoe that shines with its comfort and dynamism but disappoints with the poor quality of its mesh.


The Trabuco range from Asics has enjoyed a good reputation for several years even though the Japanese brand is better known for its running shoes than its trail models.

The range is available in several versions: Trabuco Lite, Trabuco Sky, Trabuco Pro and Trabuco Max. The Asics Gel Trabuco 9 is the latest version of the Trabuco Pro and the most versatile of the series. Lighter than the 8, with the same drop, it is also distinguished by its comfort. It uses technologies such as Flytefoam, Gel and DuoMax as well as marked lugs and a rock protection plate.

It is a versatile trail shoe with the qualities and flaws that entails. It is as effective on both short and long trails, with certain limits, however, as we will see in our analysis.

Adhesion and durability

The Asics Gel Trabuco 9 is characterized by a good grip , improved compared to the previous version. These trail shoes use the Asics Grip technique for this, which gives it excellent grip. This technology has already proven itself and is approved in the ultra-trail world. Thus, Benoît Girondel , who won the Diagonale des Fous twice, described the Asics Grip as “the most stunning grip I’ve ever worn”. This technology is a strong point of the Japanese brand.

The outsole thus has varied and well-designed lugs, allowing good grip on slippery ground, whether uphill or downhill.

Most users highlight this quality. Indeed, runners who have purchased the Asics Gel Trabuco 9 note a good grip regardless of the state of the ground. Thus, these trail shoes are as suitable for trails in the forest as in the mountains . The outsole is strong enough to swallow up the miles on trail trails. It absorbs shocks well. The only downside noted: the shoe can accumulate mud under the sole.

Overall, it offers a good overall balance of traction, flexibility and strength.


The Asics Gel Trabuco 9 has a thick sole (34 mm under the heel) with an 8 mm drop. It is therefore a rather well padded shoe, without however equaling its maximalist counterpart, the Trabuco Max.

The Asics Gel Trabuco 9 uses FlyteFoam technology , which combines lightweight, ultra-low density foam with nanofibers. It is designed to bring reactivity, lightness and solidity to the shoe. Runners who have tested these trail shoes appreciate their very good dynamism. It is much better than the previous version. FlyteFoam technology allows the cushioning to spring back into shape with each stride, inducing good dynamism and an airy stride. In addition, this technology combined with gel in the heel provides comfort that is much appreciated by runners. The gel inserted in the heel allows for better shock absorption.

The Asics Duomax foam located inside the midsole helps stabilize and guide the foot . Indeed, the foam located on the medial part of the midsole prevents overpronation of the foot. The brand also boasts that this technology should help delay muscle fatigue.

The cushioning thus offers very good responsiveness. Runners who have used these trail shoes all appreciate this quality, a strong point of the Trabuco 9.

Foot support (upper)

The upper is the subject of a great evolution compared to the previous version. Indeed, the shoe has gained in lightness compared to the previous version: 290 g instead of 310 g. This 30 gram weight drop of the shoe was achieved thanks to the modification of the upper.

The upper consists of a mesh vamp . It has good ventilation thanks to a breathable mesh of very good quality. Runners generally appreciate the comfort of these trail shoes.

This shoe has an effective stone guard . The foot is thus well protected against rocks thanks to the protective plate .

The toe box is wide enough for the toes to have room. The upper is rather low , which brings lightness and reactivity. But it also causes a lack of support , which is problematic for many runners. Indeed, some criticize the shoe for a lack of stability (the foot “floats”) and the ankle is poorly protected.

Overall, the strength of the upper is a recurring negative in runners’ tests. Indeed, many complain that the mesh tears, especially on technical mountain trails.

These trail shoes provide good protection against water without being completely waterproof. A Gore-Tex version is available for complete protection (or almost).

Racing feeling

Overall, runners note good running sensations . They praise the dynamism of the shoe, the feeling of lightness and comfort it provides.

Comfortable cushioning and its light rebound, coupled with effective traction, ensure smooth transitions on trail trails. This makes the Trabuco 9 ideal for all types of outings whether at slow speed or, on the contrary, at full speed during tempo sessions.


The Asics Gel Trabuco 9 is a versatile shoe suitable for short and long trail runs, whether in the forest or in the mountains. Its strong point lies in the effective grip thanks to the crampons and the Asics Grip which provides excellent grip on wet, muddy and rocky surfaces.

Indeed, the low upper does not completely protect the ankle which certainly brings lightness, but requires a certain solidity of the ankle to accumulate the kilometers on technical trails.

Its versatility is therefore a quality insofar as it adapts to many trails and to short or long distances. For more specific trails, it is advisable to turn to the Trabuco Max.

This shoe is suitable for runners and the Duo Max technology provides a touch of stability. In addition, with It is suitable for all body types, including heavy runners.

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