Asics Gel Kayano 29 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)25mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)15mm
Weight (men’s model)299g
Weight (female model)275g
More dynamic and flexibleHigh price
A little lightera little hot
Effective cushioning for long distancesAlways too heavy
Still as solid
Stable but without getting in the way


The new Asics Gel Kayano 29 is lighter and more flexible with greater responsiveness than its predecessor . It is getting closer and closer to the Asics Gel Nimbus range.

Originally designed for over-pronators (whose heel rolls excessively inward, shifting weight inwards to the center of gravity), the Kayano 29 offers good support in the heel and midfoot area. foot.

However, it is also very comfortable for runners who have a universal (neutral) stride. They will appreciate its softer than ever FLYTEFOAM BLAST PLUS cushioning . 19% lighter than the Kayano 28, this new cushioning allows the Kayano 29 to be more pleasant and more responsive.

The Asics Kayano 29 features a redesigned external heel counter and an Engineered Knit (mesh/knit) upper that contributes to a better fit . Sustainably produced , the Kayano 29 is made in part with recyclable materials and aims to be an eco-friendly, efficient and enjoyable road running shoe for everyone.


The Asics Gel Kayano is a running shoe that has a great reputation for comfort and cushioning on the road. In addition, the Kayano line is intended for pronators with moderate stride guidance.

This new Gel Kayano 29 should appeal to a wide variety of runners thanks to some subtle improvements to make it lighter and more dynamic.

However, is this enough to transform a collection renowned for its quality but which historically suffers from high weight and a lack of dynamism?

This is what we will examine together in this detailed analysis.


The Asics Gel Kayano 28 used a midsole with the soft and comfortable FLYTEFOAM BLAST foam. In this 29th model, Asics now uses FF BLAST PLUS and claims that it is their “softest midsole ever”.

Another change from the 28 is the new sole thickness. It goes from 23 mm to 25 mm at the heel for the men’s version. This does not affect the drop, which remains at 10mm. All in all, it’s a rather flexible, accessible and easy-to-wear shoe for beginner runners for daily training and long runs.

Fortunately, the extra cushioning doesn’t weigh the shoe down: the new midsole is 19% lighter than its predecessor. However, overall the shoe is only 4% lighter than the Asics Kayano 28.

It now weighs 299 g for men and 275 g for women, which is still rather heavy.

There is also LITETRUSS foam, a firmer material that supports the medial part of the foot for more stability. Thus, Asics has combined a soft landing with a firmer and therefore more responsive feel underfoot. This leads to a good level of shock absorption without sacrificing support and stability for overpronation.

In addition, the slight forward rocker and 3D SPACE construction in the heel facilitate better overall propulsion.

Foot support (upper)

The Gel Kayano 29 uses a knit mesh upper. This aims to improve the overall fit by adapting to the phases of the stride and the inevitable swelling of the feet with heat or over long distances.

In addition, this Engineered Stretch Knit technology consists of at least 50% recycled materials (100% for the lining). It’s nice to see from a big brand like Asics, even if the shoe isn’t carbon neutral yet.

However, while the fit is excellent, some testers note that the upper is a little tight. Luckily, the Gel Kayano 29 also comes in a Wide Fit version for runners with wide feet.

Finally, the consensus around breathability isn’t good: the upper is great for keeping your feet locked in, but it’s thicker and warmer than other running shoes.

Adhesion and durability

The testers who tested the Kayano 29 rave about how solid these shoes are even after many miles. According to them, they should easily go beyond 800 km, which is excellent compared to the average running shoe!

In addition, the outsole and its AHAR+ rubber offer good grip on wet roads. In addition, the shoes’ naturally stable configuration helps maintain balance for a more relaxed running experience.

The sole is also rather flexible which allows easier pushing off under the toes.

Running sensations

When we reviewed the Asics Gel Kayano 28 , we noted that it had a reputation as a classic, reliable shoe, but nothing special.

The Kayano 29 takes a big step forward by significantly improving flexibility and rebound for a more energetic and still stable stride. In other words, it’s not your dad’s Kayano!

Underfoot thrust has been enhanced with LITETRUSS technology which gives the shoe a rocking feel that pushes you forward.

Medial support and midfoot structure help overpronators stay stable, while people with a neutral stride will appreciate the comfortable support.

Cushioning is excellent on the Kayano 29, thanks to the new FlyteFoam Blast Plus, which is lighter and more flexible. Finally, the new buttress wedges the foot better for more stability on landing.

Although the scientific evidence is lacking, the Asics Gel Kayano 29 could potentially be useful in avoiding common injuries like plantar fasciitis or stress fractures during long runs.


Overall, Asics has made noticeable improvements in weight, running feel and rebound with this 29th edition of their star shoe.

These new stability shoes guide the foot less making them more suitable for neutral runners while still providing a stable stride for others.

All in all, it is a reliable and very comfortable shoe for your daily sessions and long runs in preparation for a half or a marathon. They are still too heavy but there is progress. Finally, the use of a good proportion of recycled materials shows the brand’s commitment to reducing waste and carbon emissions – good news for environmentally conscious athletes.

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