Asics Gel Kayano Lite Review

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Type of supportPronator (stability)
Inclination of the sole10mm
Sole thickness (heel)31mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)21mm
Weight (men’s model)281g
Weight (female model)252g
Good comfort, pleasant shock absorptionRigid platform that requires a bit of break-in
Efficient upper that offers ideal foot support
Cushioning not very dynamic, not very adapted to speed
Reasonable weight for a pronator shoeTongue and laces not always practical according to some testers
Use of recycled materials in the upper and midsole
Discreet stability aid


The Japanese brand continues to reimagine its great classics to make them more current, more modern. So, after the Nimbus Lite, here is the Asics Gel Kayano Lite, a new version of the famous shoe for pronators worn by generations of athletes.

What is immediately striking, beyond the bright and attractive colors, is the more streamlined shape of the shoe. It weighs 28 g less compared to the Kayano 27 and it shows according to the testers. This model remains intended for pronators but it offers a more discreet correction: stability is ensured by the wide platform of the sole rather than by a piece that would wedge the foot into the shoe to prevent it from rolling. According to testers, this makes the Kayano Lite suitable for more people, including runners without severe pronation issues.

The sole is 31mm thick under the heel (33mm for women) and 21mm under the forefoot (10mm drop for men and 12mm for women) but uses single density foam complemented by a GEL unit in the front. The cushioning is comfortable, but testers note that the shoe requires a break-in period to really reveal its full potential. At first, the cushioning would be firm and not very flexible before improving after a few outings. However, even after that, the cushioning doesn’t offer anything really bouncy which makes the Kayano Lite primarily a shoe for daily training at slow to medium speeds.

For the rest, the upper is simple and effective with a practical configuration that perfectly supports the foot. Some runners found the laces and tongue impractical but overall no complaints. Same for the outsole: covered with large pieces of rubber, it provides good traction and makes the platform solid. On the other hand, we salute the efforts of Asics in terms of durability: the upper and the midsole are largely composed of ecological materials.

In summary, the Asics Gel Kayano Lite is a very good running shoe that offers a stable, modern, lighter and ecological configuration. Only its initial stiffness and lackluster cushioning tarnish the picture a little.



  • First of all, we find the AHAR Lite technology on the outer part of the sole of the Asics Gel Kayano Lite shoe. It is an improved version of the famous rubber from Asics. This one is still as durable on urban surfaces while offering a lighter weight to lighten the shoe.


  • The midsole uses Eco Content Flytefoam cushioning technology . It is a new version of the light and energetic Flytefoam foam that contains cellulose nanofibers in biomass derived from sugar cane. Its objective is to promote propulsion at the moment of thrust.
  • On the other hand, we find 3D Space Construction , a configuration that increases stability thanks to a set of geometric shapes in the midsole.

Upper part (upper)

  • The upper of the Asics Gel Kayano Lite features Recycled Content Polyester technology which results in a lightweight and breathable mesh made from recycled materials. It offers snug foot support while ensuring optimal ventilation in the shoe.
  • In addition, the 3D printed reinforcements maximize the support of the foot and give structure to the upper to extend its life.
  • On the other hand, Heel Clutching System is a uniquely shaped resin piece located at the heel. Its purpose is to adapt as best as possible to the shape of the foot for more effective support.
  • Finally, the reflective elements allow the runner to be seen even at night for greater safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the Asics Gel Kayano Lite fit?

At this time, we haven’t seen any rider reviews indicating that this model runs large or small. So you can order your normal size for sports sneakers. That said, if possible, it’s always best to try on your shoes in a store to make sure you’re getting the perfect size.

Is the Gel Kayano Lite suitable for pronator athletes?

This model aims to stabilize the stride and thus prevent foot pronation during running. Thus, this shoe is aimed at pronator runners who wish to correct their stride. Nevertheless, it should be noted that for the moment there is no scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of shoes for pronators compared to universal shoes in reducing the risk of injury (and this regardless of the type of stride of the runner). We therefore recommend opting for comfortable shoes above all.

Is this running shoe suitable for athletes with a heavy frame (80 kg or more)?

Yes, this model should be adapted whatever your size. Indeed, although popular belief is that one should wear shoes with a thick sole when one is heavy, there is in fact little or no evidence that this can have an impact on the risk of injury. . To our knowledge, only one scientific study has investigated the subject to date. According to this, minimalist shoes (thus with a very thin sole) can increase the risk of injury for athletes weighing more than 71 kg. However, with its imposing thickness sole (31 mm under the heel), the Gel Kayano Lite should be suitable for the greatest number of athletes regardless of their weight.

Are these shoes recommended for running a half marathon or a marathon?

This Asics road shoe is very well suited to different types of training and distances. You can therefore wear it during your daily workouts, of any type. In addition, this road shoe offers generous and comfortable cushioning. This makes her a perfect candidate for the marathon!

Comparisons – Asics Gel Kayano Lite vs:

Asics Gel Kayano 27

The Lite version stands out in terms of its approach to stability: it offers a simpler and less marked configuration. It may not be suitable for runners who want very advanced pronation correction but overall it is effective. In addition, the Kayano Lite is lighter than its cousin and uses recycled materials. See the side-by-side comparison.

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