Asics Nimbus 25 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole8mm
Sole thickness (heel)41.5mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)33.5mm
Weight (men’s model)299g
Weight (female model)260g
Great comfortLack of energy return to increase pace
Precise support, perfectly adjusted
Very high price for a training shoe
XL cushioning that better absorbs shocksa bit heavy
Good stability despite the height of the sole
Overall smooth running


The Asics Gel Nimbus 25 is back in 2023 and the least we can say is that the brand hasn’t done things by halves! One thing is certain: this new Nimbus has not finished making people talk about it .

Might as well get to the heart of the matter right away: Asics’ number one shoe goes maximalism with a 41.5 mm sole under the heel! The drop becomes standard with 8 mm . In practice, this results in even more comfortable and softer cushioning than before. The shoe perfectly disperses shocks for long distance.

However, this increased comfort comes at the expense of dynamism . The Gel Nimbus 25 is less responsive and therefore less suitable for tempo sessions. This has never been her vocation, but now she is moving away from it even more.

Finally, the support remains perfect with a high quality knit that has just the right amount of elasticity. The durability is still good and the traction correct for use around town.


There was a time when ASICS rested on its laurels, releasing its same dated shoes every year with few changes. However, the Japanese brand has been able to renew itself in recent years and demonstrate its know-how to design beautiful running shoes whether for comfort or performance.

But this evolution mainly concerned its new ranges of shoes like MetaSpeed ​​(Sky and Edge) and Novablast (a little gem of versatility). We felt the company more cautious to upset its flagship models despite clear improvements. For example, the Nimbus 24 stayed true to its roots while displaying a new, more modern and dynamic version.

In 2023, Asics decided to break the last taboos by affecting in particular the height of the sole and the drop. We can imagine that the brand sees the tide turn with the ever more resounding success of Hoka and its shoes with heavy cushioning.

So what is this new Nimbus 25 worth? Will it be able to seduce new runners without alienating its historical fans? This is what we will see in this test.


The first thing that jumps out at you is the thickness of the sole. With 41.5mm under the heel and 33.5mm under the forefoot, the Nimbus leaps into maximalism with both feet. The drop goes to a more standard level with 8 mm against 10 mm previously.

It’s a surprising and logical new page for the series. Runners are always asking for more cushioning and so Asics has delivered on that expectation. But not anyhow.

To validate this new design and make sure it was in the right direction, the brand commissioned an independent study from The Biomechanics Lab in Australia with 100 runners (48 women and 52 men). The goal was to compare the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 to three competing shoes and to the Gel Nimbus 24. Result? Runners found the Gel Nimbus 25 to be the most comfortable of all models tested.

In terms of technology, we find FlyteFoam Blast but in its supposedly ecological form: FF Blast Plus Eco. We say “so-called” because in practice Asics only uses 20% recycled materials for its midsole, which is not much. The Gel Nimbus 25 still uses a GEL unit to improve comfort, renamed for the occasion PureGEL.

The testers agree that the feeling under the foot is very soft. Asics has taken the usual marketing language elements with running shoes by promising a feeling of “running on clouds.” But the formula seems appropriate in the case of the Nimbus 25. The ride is comfortable with very pleasant shock absorption.

The other side of the coin is a lack of structure which limits responsiveness. We tell you more in the section on racing sensations.

Hold (stem)

The Asics Nimbus 25 uses engineered mesh for its upper. We can fault Asics running shoes for a lot of things but we must admit that the upper is one of the points where they rarely go wrong.

Testers had no shortage of praise when describing the fit offered by the Nimbus 25. Some even went so far as to say that it was their favorite shoe in terms of foot lock-in.

The mesh is slightly stretchy to adapt to the shape of the foot. The wider base of this running shoe (to compensate for the higher sole and avoid stability issues) gives good volume which should also be suitable for wide feet. The size remains standard; you can choose your usual size.

The collar perfectly wraps the ankle and the tongue keeps the top of the foot comfortable.

The icing on the cake, the shoe boasts of using 75% recycled materials for its upper, which, unlike the sole, is not bad at all!

It is therefore faultless overall. The only potential drawback is common to most shoes with knit (mesh): the upper can be quite hot, especially in summer or in regions with high temperatures.

Finally, note that the weight remains stable: 299 g for the men’s version and 260 g for the women’s model. This is still a bit high compared to the competition but it is acceptable if we take into account the 20% more foam compared to the Gel Nimbus 24.

Adhesion and lifespan

True to its reputation, the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 features a solid construction with the famous AHAR+ under the heel to protect the shoe from abrasion with repeated shocks.

We will have to wait to see if the shoe easily passes the 500 km mark. According to previous versions, this should be done without any problem!

Finally, the traction is correct. Not exceptional but sufficient to run safely on the road in rainy weather, according to the runners.

Running sensations

Maximum cushioning obliges, the testers praised a comfortable and smooth run. Thus, this running shoe accompanies you easily during your long distance outings, in preparation for a half or a marathon, for example.

The ride is smooth with smooth transitions, although runners were disappointed with the lack of bounce due to the thick, soft sole. Unfortunately, it seems that Asics did not leave enough structure for a perfectly dynamic support.

It must therefore be understood that the Asics Gel Nimbus 25 is no longer as versatile as the previous models. If you want a shoe that can support you for interval training or get a new time in addition to more relaxed paces, then you will have to turn to a Novablast. Or opt for a race shoe dedicated to speed/competition.


The Gel Nimbus from Asics changes radically in 2023 with this edition 25. So much so that one can wonder if it is still a Nimbus. Fortunately, we find the precise maintenance and the impeccable quality of the collection to which is added a supreme cushioning which clearly aims to compete with Hoka.

Purists may be cautious but it is likely that this generous new configuration will allow Asics to conquer a new audience. We will see in a few months if the bet is successful!

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