Asics Dynablast 2 Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole8mm
Sole thickness (heel)33mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)25mm
Weight (men’s model)252g
Weight (female model)215g
Very comfortable cushioningLack of grip on gravel
Mesh knit upper, breathable
The toe box too tight for wide feet
The trampoline effect that energizes running
The modern design with a choice of several colors


As dynamic as its little sister Novablast, Asics Dynablast 2 is a running shoe acclaimed for its generous cushioning, comfort and flexibility . Lightweight at just 252 grams (men’s version), the second generation Dynablast offers an airy mesh knit upper, ideal for daily or long-term outings.

The Asics Dynablast 2 running shoe demonstrates excellent grip on the road and on the track, without failing on slightly stony paths. It supports the foot perfectly thanks to its inner half-sock, an advantage which may however hinder runners with wide feet.

Its Flytefoam Blast technology restores the sensations of running while reducing the impact on the joints. The presence of an AHAR+ outsole guarantees an appreciable lifespan at this price , even in intensive use. The Dynablast 2 is available in trendy colors such as blue and coral or red and black. Its sharp design completes the very positive impression it leaves with beginners or experienced testers who have tried it.

In conclusion, the Asics Dynablast 2 shoe will convince runners of all levelswho are looking for maximum comfort and increased rebound on the road. for daily training, whatever the pace. The Dynablast 2 is a shoe that lends itself well to everyday sessions, whatever the speed, but also during a half-marathon or even marathon type race .


Classic in black and white, girly in blue and pink, trendy in red and black, the Asics Dynablast 2 shoe relies on a design unanimously acclaimed by critics.

This new version of running shoes using Flytefoam technology offers unfailing dynamism and comfort. Very popular with runners like its little sister the Novablast, it offers very good value for money for training and long distance races.


After having inaugurated the Flytefoam Blast technology on its Novablast shoe, Asics offers here the trampoline effect midsole on an even more dynamic model. The Asics Dynablast 2 running shoes benefit from a drop lowered to 8 mm instead of the 12 mm of version 1.

They make the sensations more faithful, with a feeling close to the road and a flexibility which contributes to a comfortable running and fluid. The sole appears slightly thinner than on the Novablast but it is around 30 mm (33 mm according to Running Warehouse, not confirmed by Asics). A few runners note that the new configuration improves terrain perception while somewhat reducing the rebound, which remains very effective in gaining momentum.

These are running shoes adapted to a neutral stride, therefore relatively universal. They help to correct any overpronation thanks to bumps located under the arch of the foot. The design of the sole offers more support for attacks made in the forefoot or with the midfoot. Several athletes have worn the Dynablast 2 during a marathon or a half-marathon without experiencing any discomfort. It is a shoe particularly suitable for long distances.

Foot support (upper)

The upper of the Dynablast 2 running shoes shows some transformations since the first generation. Some users found it too snug, while others highlighted the good support it offers to the foot. In case of wide feet, it is advisable to choose another model or opt for the larger size.

Asics has bet on a half-monosock, an inner half-sockliner that encompasses the front of the foot and ensures its stability during the race. This technique minimizes friction and therefore the risk of blisters or discomfort. Also note the presence of a rigid shell that encompasses the heel and improves stability under load.

The Asics Dynablast 2 shoe boasts a light weight with 252 grams for the men’s model and 205 grams for the women’s model, which is very reasonable for a training shoe. Its lightness has convinced 10 km and half-marathon enthusiasts. It prevents leg fatigue over long distances and provides a pleasant feeling of dynamism.

As for the material, the upper offers a relatively airy knit mesh textile, which helps to wick away perspiration and keep feet dry. The testers highlight the fact that the relatively thin thickness of the upper and the vamp do not make the shoe ideal for winter sessions. On the other hand, in dry mid-season weather, the Asics Dynablast 2 model seduces many runners satisfied with its donning comfort and its optimized support at the level of the toe box. In case of heavy perspiration or high heat, it is better to opt for ultra-breathable running shoes.

Adhesion and durability

The outsole of Dynablast 2 running shoes features AHAR+ technology. This offers a combination of different rubbers which delays abrasion. Indeed, runners who have had the opportunity to use this Dynablast over a long period confirm the durability of the model. After several hundred kilometres, the rubber remained intact and the mesh suffered no tears.

The AHAR+ technology is also responsible for the sole’s excellent grip on asphalt surfaces and athletics tracks. Trail enthusiasts will of course go their own way, while urban running enthusiasts will validate this model in the test of cobblestones and flat trails. Most testers agree that an Asics Dynablast 2 is not the best choice in wet weather, due to the permeable fabric. On stony ground, also be careful when changing direction, joggers testify to having been surprised by an untimely skid.

Racing feeling

With its propulsion system by distribution from the front of the foot, this Dynablast version 2 appeals to runners looking for a dynamic feeling. Toe-to-heel transitions are seamless. If the very comfortable cushioning protects the joints, it causes a slight drop in return when the running speed exceeds 15 km/h, according to those who tested it in sprints. In fact, the Asics Dynablast 2 running shoe is especially suitable for daily training and long-distance running.

From recovery jogging to half-marathon to more intensive split sessions, it shows great versatility. It is not suitable for trails or races on slippery ground because of its lack of grip and its permeability.

Dynablast running shoe testers highlight the sensation of flight provided by the Flytefoam sole. They also appreciate the interior comfort of the mesh which effectively prevents the appearance of blisters.


With its resolutely affordable price for running shoes of this quality, the Asics Dynablast 2 is aimed at both experienced marathon runners and athletes looking for a good pair of training shoes.

Mainly used on the road in dry weather, it potentiates the effort thanks to its Flytefoam technology which cushions and energizes the race. The Dynablast version 2 provides snug support at the toes, it is not suitable for people with wide feet. On the other hand, light to medium weight long distance runners will greatly benefit from these modern designed shoes.

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