Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky Review

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Type of supportUniversal (neutral)
Inclination of the sole5mm
Sole thickness (heel)33mm
Sole thickness (forefoot)28mm
Weight (men’s model)190g
Weight (female model)167g
Great comfortVery high price
Very dynamic cushioningLack of versatility (not very pleasant at slow pace)
Robust model (for a competition shoe with carbon plate)Maybe a little loose if you have thin feet
Flawless design


Excellent super shoe with carbon plate and thick sole that provides explosive cushioning for the marathon

Although it is not the first Asics shoe to display a carbon plate, the MetaSpeed ​​Sky is the first in this category with a thick sole (33 mm under the heel) for the Japanese brand.

Marketed under the slogan “Fast isn’t far”, the MetaSpeed ​​Sky is the result of Asics research which concluded that athletes can be divided into two categories: those who increase their stride length and those who increase their cadence to go faster. This MetaSpeed ​​Sky is aimed at the first category while another model, the MetaSpeed ​​Edge, should be released soon for the second. So what is the MetaSpeed ​​Sky worth and can it be right for you?

The sole uses a new Nylon-based foam: FF (for FlyteFoam) BLAST TURBO. It is relatively firm without being hard . Thus, the testers note that the density of the sole is similar to that of the Saucony Endorphin Pro but a little softer. The carbon plateis mostly felt under the heel and midfoot while the forefoot is softer. Despite the narrow heel, athletes rated the stability as good. The curved design of the sole (rocker) gives a rather abrupt rocking effect according to the runners. So while some shoes give a smooth ride, this one from the MetaSpeed ​​Sky is as sudden as it is effective. So give it a try to see if it suits you. In any case, it reinforces the general impression of this new shoe: the Asics MetaSpeed ​​Sky is made to go fast, very quickly. Forget the daily training, we are dealing here with a pure competition shoe. In addition, the low drop (5 mm) does not improve versatility: at low speed, the heel feels heavy and you therefore need a good rhythm to activate this “super shoe”. Overall, testers unanimously appreciated the MetaSpeed ​​Sky’s explosive cushioning .

Foot support (upper)
Then, the mesh in a single layer offers effective support with just the right amount of space. On this last point, some users even found the toe box a little too bulky. So be careful if you have narrow feet. If you have wide feet, enjoy your good fortune! On the other hand, the simple design of the upper, without reinforcements, makes it not very foldable to better keep the foot in place. In short, we find the know-how and the quality of Asics.

Grip and durability
Finally, the outsole displays the ASICSGRIP rubber originally developed for trail shoes at Asics. It turns out to be both adherent and solid. At first glance, it would even seem that the MetaSpeed ​​Sky is one of the most robust “super shoes”. Still to be confirmed.

The consensus
In summary, it took Asics some time to respond to the challenge posed by Nike’s “FLY” (the MetaRacer had a much thinner sole, putting it in a category of its own) but we can say that the MetaSpeed ​​Sky does not do things by halves with its configuration that is as effective as it is daring . It’s for you if you’re looking for an elite shoe to smash your records over long distances like the marathon.

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