Nike Zoom LJ 4 M Review

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Heel Drop
Weight225 g
Price104.73 US$


Always more power!

Designed for fans of  long jumps , the  Nike Zoom LJ 4 athletic shoe  for  man  has the qualities necessary for the success of your  sessions on track .

The synthetic leather upper  is made without seams to give you a  pleasant feeling of  comfort and considerably minimize friction. Strategically placed, the  mesh inserts  allow air circulation and guarantee   optimal breathability . The  Velcro at the forefoot  provides  adjustment  precise and  maintaining  reliable while the  zip  makes donning for a precious time.

The  outsole  is provided  with a nylon plate  which gives you a   formidable grip during your performances. More flexible in the forefoot , it promotes  natural support  and  explosive propulsion . The  seven removable spikes  provide you with  dynamic traction that is  essential to achieve your goals. 

Shock is absorbed by the  EVA midsole  which gives you   effective and  durable cushioning .   

Key points of the Nike Zoom LJ 4 athletic shoe

  • Ideal for long jump
  • Nylon plate  : grip
  • Flexible forefoot plate  : natural support and explosive propulsion
  • 7 removable tips  : traction
  • Synthetic leather and seamless upper  : comfort
  • Mesh panels  : breathability
  • Velcro strap  : adjustment and support
  • Zip on the upper  : easy to put on
  • EVA  midsole: cushioning and durability
  • 14 tips and wrench provided
  • Carry bag included
  • Weight   : 225 g in size 42
  • Colors : black, white, lavender and iridescent patterns

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